C Falcon
12 hours ago
I may not see you guys for a few days. Have a good weekend if I don't!
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Go nominate your favourite retro fighting game!


The fourth genre open to nominations will be the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fighting_game genre. --Quote Wikipedia-- Fi

C Falcon
Jun 27, 16 9:13am
Ikon Clan Grand Duchy
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Jun 26, 16 4:07pm
Lemmings needs your vote! Take down Tetris!


Voting has now ended for the puzzle genre and the http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/84/t2192949-greatest-retro-game-of-all-time

C Falcon
Jun 26, 16 1:57pm
Dèsolè uraniumoreo
C Falcon
Jun 24, 16 12:21am
What a man that Stan Petrov is.
C Falcon
Jun 23, 16 1:01pm
Steam sale is here!
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Jun 22, 16 9:37am


Overkill has announced a sale on Payday 2 and Payday: The Heist yesterday, just after the release of the newest character pac

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Jun 22, 16 9:30am


Hey all, I'm pretty much http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/84/t2163319-sales-recommendations-thread/3.htm#m39247623, but th

C Falcon
Jun 22, 16 2:18am
Cold heart pumping, fossils round my veins now.
C Falcon
Jun 21, 16 2:33pm
Payday 2 is free to play until 4th July. I'm game if you wanna play.
C Falcon
Jun 21, 16 10:13am
Idemo ludo
C Falcon blogged
Jun 20, 16 10:56am

So, yeah. There's been considerable time between these. Sorry? I guess. I didn't have much to say, but right now I have at least something to write about here.

The time between the last Neoblog and this one, I was promoted to moderator of Classic Gaming. I had always said how it was funny that I originally was on the fence about helping its revival to the point where I was one of the most active members there. I was so active that Chimaira though I'd make a good co-mod.

I decided to step down on the weekend. I'll give you a little more insight here, though I don't like to get too personal on these Neoblogs. If you were interested in a personal account, you'd probably be looking ta my personal blog instead of this one which deals with my life on Neoseeker.

Anyway, ever since I took my second job, I've been tired. They make me work all night and then I have to get up like five hours later for my first job. The second job is kind of treating my like some kind of work horse. I asked for three days, they make me come in for five. It is stressing me out really. The free time I do have goes straight to playing Payday or something, but this month is hard because I am moving out at the end of it and I've been packing and getting the new apartment set up for move in day. I mean, this is only for this month. Does that warrant me shutting down my life on Neoseeker? Probably not, but I can feel the passion I once had for posting and contributing slip away from me. Some days I don't even feel like posting at all. I'm lost for new ideas and I just felt like it wouldn't be fair to continue to mod if I'm out of ideas and not contributing.

This is not me quitting Neoseeker, mind you. No. I'll still be here. Heck, there might be days where I post a lot too. Overall, I've just kind of lost the fire because I'm bogged down with life. I'm probably going to go back to a dark state of mind too, but that's not for Neoblog discussion.

Anyway, I still implore you to vote in the Classic Gaming tournament or nominate games if we are in that transition. It is good fun.

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C Falcon
Jun 17, 16 5:27pm
A much needed last vacation before I have no social life anymore.
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Jun 14, 16 9:13am
Vote time for the greatest retro puzzle game!


Time is up for nominations and it's now time to begin the voting phase to determine which retro puzzle game is considered

C Falcon
Jun 13, 16 10:13am
Ron Pearlman as Rust in Payday 2.
C Falcon
Jun 11, 16 9:47am
I think I'll back West Ham this upcoming season.
C Falcon
Jun 07, 16 11:30am
You should totally send me or Chimaira your nominations for the greatest retro puzzle game of all time http://neo.ly/1X7gTYL
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