C Falcon
Aug 06, 15 1:02am
It's not about you, it's the damage I long to endure
C Falcon
Jul 02, 15 12:41pm
The batteries I use are called Duracell. They last for 3 weeks so they do me well.
C Falcon
Jun 28, 15 3:03am
Turn this up, I'll tune you out
C Falcon
Jun 20, 15 11:27pm
I never half-step cause I'm not a half-stepper
C Falcon
May 31, 15 10:17pm
I am a man of constant sorrow
C Falcon
Apr 23, 15 8:46pm
This has been another regular Neostatus update. Bing!
C Falcon
Apr 20, 15 3:44pm
FA Cup Finals
C Falcon
Apr 17, 15 12:59am
What's in my trunk?
C Falcon
Apr 15, 15 8:01pm
Press "R" To Restart
C Falcon
Apr 13, 15 1:07am
Loungin' used to be boppin' back in the day
C Falcon
Apr 09, 15 8:45pm
Neoseeker, Neosought
C Falcon
Apr 08, 15 12:48am
I am such a sucker and I'm always the last to know.
C Falcon
Mar 10, 15 11:36pm
Que Sera Sera
C Falcon
Nov 27, 14 2:06am
Storms Are Sand And Sand Is Said To Be Sad
C Falcon
Oct 24, 14 1:42am
You know, I hate dancing by myself.
C Falcon
Jul 13, 14 1:24am
Home on a Saturday night with all my doors locked up tight
C Falcon
Jul 07, 14 12:47am
This is a lesson in procrastination.
C Falcon
Jun 27, 14 10:41am
C Falcon
Mar 23, 14 3:29am
How far will I have to fall before you realize you've fallen for me too?
C Falcon
Mar 22, 14 1:44am
Rip the flesh salt the wound!


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