Platinum but i dont have this game AssassinsCreed2 PC
I have the platinum But i dont have this game RedDeadRedemption X360
In progres but i dont have the game 68% in tropys im not sure AssassinsCreedBrotherhood PC
Platinum,but i dont have the game AssassinsCreed PC
somthing like wipeout HD WipeoutHDFury PS3
(PSN GAME(Free Game)) I know i know, i never'll get the platinum tropy, i win 1 of 10 racers ofline and i give it 5 of 10 stars WipeoutHD PS3
well i dislike this game, it comes with my other ps3 ModNationRacers PS3
I dont know kill any1 online but i love this game like gta4 and mw2 ,but offline MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots PS3
i gt good lvls and i thing that im good playing, LittleBigPlanet PS3
get those 300 peaces to get the tropy inFamous PS3
well i need hel to get the platinum tropy / online im good like MW2 i can kill on car and helicopter but runing emm 2 of 5 GrandTheftAuto4 PC
in progres/ online i win 1 of 1500000 racers GranTurismo5Prologue PS3
God of war 1 platinum God of war 2 Platinum GodOfWarCollection PS3
Platinum/ Online im exelent sometimes i get 3 dead/30 kils but always have lag 1,07 secound of lag im from venezuela lol CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 PC
well i need 1 tropy to get the platinum (send a pic in game) but i dond have pseye BurnoutParadiseTheUltimateBox PC

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