What Interest me:

History i enjoy watching and reading books about the past when people live in mountains, forest, caves, castles, deserts,and even in the seas..,I learn many things about why romans love fighting, chinese have many talents in cooking, and there are many brave men and women in the past they travel the sea with large ships using only wind power and discover far away lands., others like to build works of art and beautiful architectures like the mona lisa, statue of liberty, great wall of china, the pyramids in egypt and etc...Im really quite interested on how this people built those wonderful and priceless things,and what gotten to their minds to drive them to create those things like what inspires them to create?, how do they come up with such unusual but works of art ideas?, i wish i could come back in the past so i can solve those questions hehehe!

Myths there are many people in the world and many different myths, in greece they believe in gods they have a god of love, war, and there's zues the most powerful of all gods and he has a son hercules and brothers poseidon and hades,and in rome their god are similar in greece the only difference is their names....

Philosophy i love philosophy....

What i love to Read:

math, philosophy and science books
history books
dictionaries and encylopedia's
horror books
cook books
herbal medicine books
books about programming, java and web designs
song hits albums
my fav myth books like the Headless horseman of sleepy hollow
and many more....

My daily routines everyday:

Sweeping the whole house
Gardening i love planting trees
watching tv
playing online games
cooking the eggs for breakfast
texting on the cellphone
drinking coffee
riding my bike
playing basketball
sleeping in my bed with my cat
washing the dishes
washing my clothes
feeding the dog
playing the guitar
travelling and eating

What i Love:

My cat
care for the animals
trees be eco friendly;p
korny jokes
hm games
and specially my family and friends or i call my barkada's

My Motto's:

Time is gold.
Honesty is the best policy.
Try and try until u die i mean succeed.
No Gut's no Glory.
UGLY plus UGLY equals Yummy...

Some of the animes that i already watched:

kuro chan the cyborg cat
dragon ball z
voltes V
hitman tsutor reborn
neo genesis evangellion
yawara the judo girl
hana yori dango
azumanga daiho
ranma onehalf
one piece
soul hunter
naruto shippuden
elfen lied
elf hunters
sugar sugar rune
black blood brothers
full metal alchemist
full metal panic
hunter x hunter
blood +
melancholy of hazui suzumiya
gun x sword
samurai x
shakugan no shana
fruit basket
tora dora
buzzer beater
tenjo tenge
air gear
yamato nadeshiko the wall flower
code gease
avatar the legend of Aang
the prince of tennis
astro boy
rockman exe access
elemental gerand
let's go
crush gear
yoyo master
chess master
blue dragon
rave master
final fantasy
shaman king
eyeshield 21
mai hime
flame of recca
eureka seven
saiyuki reload
crono crusade
am driver
school rumble
mythical detective loki
Dn angel
ghost fighter
fushigi yugi
my melody
cowboy bebop
yakitate japan
Witch blade

im a Filipino and im very talented...


Online gaming, harvest moon, sleeping....
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