Merry Christmas!

May all your wishes and dreams come true in 2008. Have fun, and stay safe.

~Matt Addison / Astian~

merry christmas from the master of ff7
I looked at your profile a couple months ago and you said you were a crazy, pale girl and now it says the complete opposite. Who are you really? Guy or girl? Reserved or crazy? I'm confused.
not many sigs for beein on since june .. but.. I guess.. w00t 3rd sig. saw you around loungin.. thought i'd sign...well. yeah... sign back if u even check this.. c ya
Ha. I noticed there was little action in your guestbook, so I decided to sign. I must say that I'm impressed by what I see from you. Keep it up. Heh...

- Dai
Yo, BB! I would use a stamp but I can't find it in my photobucket >_< Anyway, thanks for your comments in the A Wayward Dream thread.