It's been a while.
b uzzin' like a bee
wu tang faeva
Damn licence tests. : SegaGT2002 Xbox
"You bleed better than you shoot." Unreal PC
*bleep* you haters this game rox! TaoFengFistOfTheLotus Xbox
I shall show you, the greatest Nightmare ! SoulCalibur2 PS2
Yeah, im confused why i have the game too. RunLikeHell PS2
Shocking how i have this game and no Live. :( RainbowSixRavenShield PC
my stupid friend still hasnt returned it to me., MaddenNFL2003 PC
damnit, too scratched to play :( TheElderScrolls3MorrowindGOTY Xbox
Ha ha im the only 1 to own it. Enclave Xbox
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