Zackpatches10 BubbaDude45
Mar 16, 13 2:36pm
I signed your guestbook get over it
hamsterlove BubbaDude45
Jul 16, 10 10:40am
Idk where you are but here ya go!!

ugh dumb 125 characters!
Zackpatches10 BubbaDude45
Oct 6, 09 11:16pm
keep looking hi how are you
MasterZX BubbaDude45
Jul 2, 09 12:08pm
Hi just on a signing spree. Have a good one!
Shawn Yasumara BubbaDude45
Jun 26, 09 9:14pm
Hey this is Shawn Yasumara signing.So nice to meet ya!Sign back!
hamsterlove BubbaDude45
Feb 3, 09 5:01am
Hey this is hamsterlove!
(You may have seen me in the Sonic forums)
I agree with you on these things:
1. I hate pokemon and yu-gi-oh!
2. I love Sonic stuff
I actually know what your talking about!
You're funny!

~PM me anytime~
~hamsterlove ~