Nice! Audio design is such an under-appreciated art form. Lots of work goes into it and should be... read more

likes Justin's status update: "Starting my new file on FE:A, yaaaay!"
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Looking good! Not the world's biggest Halo fan, but I'll definitely pick this up when I get the new Xbox. read more

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I've said it before and I'll say it again.

It looks nothing like Lindsey Lohan.


She's just... read more

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Bruin I'd say the franchise can probably measure its entire success based off of those...
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Not a big fan of Dead Island, but the art style looks pretty good in this. Might check it out. The... read more

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Is that game still $40? What the hell. Been out for like two years. Nintendo, man.

It's good but... read more

It's fun if you haven't played Ocarina in a while. If not then yeah, if you have then pass. read more

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