Aug 4, 14 2:50pm
hey looked I have appeared on here isn't that wonderful :P
Jul 6, 14 7:56am
New boyfriend is awesome :D (I am bisexual)
Jun 30, 14 4:27am
Huge storm so scared :(
Jun 25, 14 10:01am
Just picked up an acre of sticks...I liked it :D
Jun 21, 14 6:46am
I love raptors so much <3
Bronychan1217 shared a forum thread
May 30, 14 11:49pm

Also done alot before I am guessing but I have gotten way away from neo seeker and have done absolutely nothing on here in a

May 30, 14 11:42pm
No more school!
May 26, 14 8:01pm
Finals happen tomorrow wish me luck ^-^
May 22, 14 9:50pm
account on mlp forums Bronychan1214 new account on skype give me your info and Ill add you V(^-^)V
May 21, 14 7:53pm
New account on steam check me out? David alteri is mah name
May 15, 14 9:52pm
New account on mlp forums check me out? Name is Bronychan1214 V(^-^)
Bronychan1217 shared a forum thread
May 11, 14 7:48pm

My favorite season has to be number 4 because of the awesome new episode. But something that beats all the rest of the season

May 11, 14 10:03am
Final's are coming up better start studying
May 6, 14 4:11pm
we are getting offers on our house already and we put up the sings yesterday. Yay and 80% sure we are moving to Ottawa.
Bronychan1217 shared a forum thread
May 6, 14 3:51pm

I know this has been done alot but I am bored and I am stuck and don't know what to post about anymore. My log ins outnum

May 5, 14 7:09pm
Probably making this to earlier but who ever is reading this you are my 200th visitor.
Bronychan1217 shared a link
May 4, 14 6:18pm

Sorry to anyone who thinks this is to personal but I made this for people to discuss about what your allergic to. I am all

Bronychan1217 shared a forum thread
May 4, 14 5:10pm

What happened on mine probably was getting cigarette ashes 5 times in the same eye. No joke. Cutting my arm and having to whe

Bronychan1217 shared a forum thread
May 1, 14 9:34pm

I made a post to share the most awsomest part of your pokemon adventures. My most recent one was when I wen't up against

May 1, 14 8:54pm
I might be moving to Florida. YAY!!! No more Illinois. :D
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