ha i didnt even noticed that you signed my GB, but it wasnt really a signing? But w/e so signing yours. Good luck on your book.

-Teh Renegade
A.K.A CaoRen525
a new, crappy stamp.
But I still thought I'd throw it around
See you around Neo

Well, I just opened my guestbook in 2 months orso, and I saw you signed. Thanks. In return, you get these words from me, and no stamp! Isn't that just wonderful?

seriously though, I don't have, and not need, a stamp.
why hello there i was checking out my own little profile being bored as usual and saw u signed my book thingy so i thought id do the same oh and 2nd it was hard not to take intrest in the Tristan Ashe saga haha

sign mines back lol.

*Red_Phoenix out*

Likewise, I'd like an FF where they show a true form of Shiva. And that's also the religion that I'm involved in

See you around.

Meh, I just decided to sign your book due to random and bordom. xDD

LaterzzZz. [=
you signed mine, ill sign yours

the games are really fun to play! Please keep them coming!
thanks for signing my guestbook. I'll just sign yours back. Unfortunatly, I don't have stamps.

Oh, and I hate goody good do-ers. They suck. Evil hands down!!!
Where the hell have you gone? We miss you on the DW forum .

On a Gb signing spree. Got a classic picture, and it just made me think of some members on here.

Merry Chrimbo

Anyhow, just remember, do not eat Yellow Snow.
You deserve a stamp, take care.

I need to keep typing though, Cya around the forums.