OK, so on Sunday, I went to watch 'The curious case of Benjamin Button', when I was in the cinema, watching the adverts, I thought this film wasn't going to be my kind of film, but it really was. I really liked this film, even though I'm not such a big fan of Brad Pitt, but this film was really sad and it has to be one of the best films I've seen so far, but that's my opinion anyway.

So, it was snowing on monday, it wasn't that deep, but, it was still fun to play in, then on Thursday, it snowed even more! The snow was up to my ankles, and I got a day off. >:3 It also snowed again yesterday, and apparently, it's going to snow on Sunday night so I might get another day off school. :D


Tomorrow there might be snow, or should be, so I hope it will because my friends are coming over tomorrow and we can play in the snow. o:

XD Well, I'm also excited about one of my friends coming over because she's left my school and I haven't spoke to her in ages, well I did on the phone, but I mean I haven't seen her in ages. (:

OK, so recently, I made my avatar and signature, I think it's really good, tbh. I haven't really made anything like that before, some people may think it's not that good, but it is to me. >.> Anyway, In the future, I hope I become better in Graphics.


Yay, I finally have no homework for this weekend. That means I don't need to make up an excuse.. Just kidding. :P Anyway, I did have Maths homework earlier this week, and my teacher didn't even explain it. When it was the day for homework, loads of people didn't bring it in and he said 'You were meant to look it up on the internet what it meant' What if some of us didn't have internet? Sheesh. P:

EDIT: Where did this picture come from? .__.


Yeah, my first blog post. :D

Anyways, recently I've been into the song 'Hallelujah', It's my kind of song, seriously. I know on my profile I said that I absolutely hate singing, but when I sing this song, I actually like singing. :/ Or maybe I just like singing, but too shy. P:


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