Corruption Broken Alleluia
Dec 25, 08 6:51am
In the interest of being politically correct, I am not wishing anyone a Merry Christmas nor any other holiday. In the words of a famous Spartan: TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL CELEBRATE...[spoiler removed]

Yeah. The December Holiday season is about spending lots of money on a lot of people you don't like, and spending twice as much money on people you actually do like (fortunately, there is more of the former than the latter) and faith. Well now the holiday is REALLY about faith, because you have no idea what you're celebrating. You just have to have faith that you're celebrating something.
Yes, I am making this all up without thinking it through even once. This is completely off the top of my head, so odds are, it makes no sense whatsoever.

So...yeah. Again.

I suppose you'll be wanting stamps, then. To explain how this new holiday started and what exactly it is.

Well, it all started on the morning after today (today being the 24th).

L was psyched for the receiving of gifts.

His elf, known as Bernard, approves of haz gifts.

After that, Satan's Fondue Party took over the plot and the holiday season, and we're not really sure what the hell happened after that, but somehow, this resulted:

The creation of Kwannukahmas. It's like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas combined, except without the religious/racial attachments. Also, it's funner to say than the other three by themselves.

From this point onward, this will be the only holiday I celebrate come the December Holiday season.
Also, the words happy and merry, or any other previous prefixes used in conjunction with Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, are not allowed. Thus the pleasantness.
Amano Murokumo Broken Alleluia
Jun 27, 08 12:14am
You're by far one of the best people I've met on here. I didn't really even have to talk to you that much, but I had soaked up your unique, and generally awesome personality.

Someday, when 'Opal' gets known, I'll be sure to visit you. Free tickets, of course. Until then, text will have to suffice. XD
Scott Cee Broken Alleluia
Feb 13, 08 4:38pm
I have no large and rude stamps with half-naked, big-breasted anime girls in bathing suits anyway.
Actually, I have nothing really interesting to say here. I was bored and had nothing better to do right now.
You at least made a post in Maida Vale, and that was good.
omegablaster Broken Alleluia
Jul 18, 06 3:17am
Well, I seem to have a habbit of signing the guestbooks of everyone I write with in an RP so...

Here is your guestbook signature, after all, who wouldn't want a signing with Roy saying I'm the best?

See you around on the Cleansing War RP
Blue Star Broken Alleluia
Apr 2, 06 2:14am
Hey Becca, no joke here, just a friendly gbook signing ^__^

Have fun ^__^

Cannon Rouge 888 Broken Alleluia
Mar 14, 06 1:04am

Poke the Penguin, poke it I say!!

You have been blasted, (and finally signed,) by Cannon Rogue 888
Blue Star Broken Alleluia
Feb 22, 06 6:49pm
Hey Becca,
How're you doing? ^^
Here's something I made not of my style... *.*

Yeah it's a header and not a stamp... >.>

Cya around
Best Wishes
Blue Star Broken Alleluia
Feb 14, 06 7:08am
As the title says ^^
Meh it's kinda weird for me to use this stamp for a girl's guestbook but it's the only one I could find @.@

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! ^-^
Sword Master Broken Alleluia
Jan 23, 06 6:53pm
Dear Becca,

The Best Memento

I have no requests,
If only you could sincerely accept,
That faithful and warm memory forever engraved in my heart.
That ethereal dream,
Is always so gloomy,
So I will use the melody of music to bless you.
Always represent my pains with that familiar sound,
Always heal that wound with tears,
That deep memory which brings us together,
Is the best memento I could ever wish for.

Sometimes they evade us, yet sometimes we try to evade them. Decisions are things in our lives that are mostly unavoidable. We have to be responsible for our lives. In an existentialist's point of view, every single decision that we make will affect our lives greatly, and that us humans are free to make any decisions we choose. In religious point of views, the decisions we make are still important but are part of a grander pictures, designated by a divine being such as God. Whichever path that we choose, the idea behind decision making is the same. Our thoughts are pured into it, and our souls are poured into it. There are so much decisions to make in life. Each one of them is geometrical, leading to even more branching paths of decisions. What we are is ultimately decided by each individual decision that we make. So we must tread carefully, and avoid traps in decision making.

[This is a message by my nice mistress Bluey and master Lugia] (If you have difficulty understanding it please blame those two) xD
Signed by
Swordmaster_2000 (the loyal slavey) ^^

If it wasnt for the fact I owe her I would have ignored that.
Hey I've seen you on the forum thought it'd be nice to sign

Because everyone likes disturbed
Blue Star Broken Alleluia
Jan 21, 06 6:18am
No time no "talk" I guess ^-^
How're you doing?

Beware of extreme cuteness! ^-^


Perdita Broken Alleluia
Jan 16, 06 6:08pm
Oh, but that was what I had planned!

Ah, well, onto plan B.

I damn you juuust a little for not being in an RPs I can stalk you with. But then I got over it.

That's all I have.
Cannon Rouge 888 Broken Alleluia
Dec 19, 05 7:29pm
Nice work on the profile/bio
I can tell you're an awesome righter from the forrum, keep it up! (hope the stamp works)

Saia Broken Alleluia
Nov 14, 05 12:24am
Well you seem like a very accomplished girl! I would like to read your novel so email me through neoseeker with a title and a release date when you're done writing.
I'm working on a book too, it is very hard work and I don't know if I will ever finish it. You aspire to write a twenty-one novel series! I pray that you will finish it!

Follow your dreams...

-Josef aka Saia
Norad 2 Broken Alleluia
Nov 7, 05 2:47am
Ok, I managed to get a stamp since my earlier signing, so. . .here ya go!

It's Schneider! From Rammstein! Hoo-Rah!
sagemaster Broken Alleluia
Nov 4, 05 10:46pm
Thanks for signing.
Nice quotes btw.

Hope you like it
And cyu around
*hopes that I remember to put a stamp... yep I did xD*
Norad 2 Broken Alleluia
Nov 4, 05 2:54am
How goes it, neo-newbie? I've gotta say, I'm impressed! You're new, but you aren't a n00b! That's a rare accomplishment there, and you are to be congradulated! Unless of course, you're some one who's been here, but just changed her name for some reason, in which case I get to come off as a total loser.

Feel free to sign me back, or drop a PM if you want! Welcome to neo!

-Norad 2
Hi!! You like Fire Emblem and Tales of Symphonia right now? That's awesome! I came here to sign your guestbook and drop by to say a friendly greeting! Have fun on Neoseeker!!

I hope to see you in the FE and ToS Forums!!!