Holy cow, I was actually able to save the day (and by save, I mean destroy the Mushroom Kingdom). xD http://neo.ly/18jRVce

Koopa Troop Terror_ (A Mario Mafia hosted by ]) http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/349164/164/19/1255818138334_display.jpg _.:

Just got PS+ back, though I've already fallen in love with Saints Row: The Third. :D

Hey, I just picked up this game yesterday thanks to Playstation Plus+ (had to get rid of some stuff to install it) so I'v

I notice that there seem to be quite a lot of builds being posted, particularly ones in the progress of either being built or

Well, seeing as there are no "rules" in Dark Souls PvP, it's quite obvious that it's a very controversial t

Expecting to hit the 100KB mark on the Dark Souls NeoWiki by the end of today... and then some. :)

Hey everyone, I'm new to the Marvel: War of Heroes game and was hoping that some of you fine ladies and gentlemen could h

Hey, I'm new to the game and have no idea how to get a cross-promotion code for the game once the tutorial ends. I've

Looking for some more contestants, join in on the fun! Also, Prepare to Die. ^_^ http://bit.ly10LkFt0
Looking for some more constestants, join in on the fun! :D http://bit.ly/10LkFt0 Also, Prepare to Die. ^_^
We have 8 players so far and we're looking to have about 16. :D http://bit.ly/10LkFt0
Dark Souls Mafia is Open! Based on lore and hopefully awesome storytelling, let's see how it all goes down! ^_^ http://bit.ly/10LkFt0
Day 2 of editing the Dark Souls NeoWiki and I've hit 50KB of data. xD Anyways, check out the latest Mafia game: http://neo.ly/157qyjr
Day 1 of Dark Souls NeoWiki and I'm 25KB in. I expect it to hit a Megabyte worth of information before August. (Aka... A lot...)
Enjoyed Independence Day, had some fun with the younger siblings. How was your 4th of July? (For those 'Muricans out there.)
Anyone getting ready to light it up with some fireworks tonight? :3
Slightly... confused? Not too sure how to get the Dark Souls Neowiki approved or who to contact in that regard. x_x



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