Briinkx shared a link
Aug 10, 13 12:29pm
Holy cow, I was actually able to save the day (and by save, I mean destroy the Mushroom Kingdom). xD

Koopa Troop Terror_ (A Mario Mafia hosted by ]) _.:

Jul 24, 13 11:33am
Just got PS+ back, though I've already fallen in love with Saints Row: The Third. :D
Briinkx shared a forum thread
Jul 24, 13 9:57am

Hey, I just picked up this game yesterday thanks to Playstation Plus+ (had to get rid of some stuff to install it) so I'v

Briinkx shared a forum thread
Jul 23, 13 12:24pm

I notice that there seem to be quite a lot of builds being posted, particularly ones in the progress of either being built or

Briinkx shared a forum thread
Jul 22, 13 8:57am

Well, seeing as there are no "rules" in Dark Souls PvP, it's quite obvious that it's a very controversial t

Jul 19, 13 1:27pm
Expecting to hit the 100KB mark on the Dark Souls NeoWiki by the end of today... and then some. :)
Briinkx shared a forum thread
Jul 15, 13 1:25pm

Hey everyone, I'm new to the Marvel: War of Heroes game and was hoping that some of you fine ladies and gentlemen could h

Briinkx shared a forum thread
Jul 15, 13 1:22am

Hey, I'm new to the game and have no idea how to get a cross-promotion code for the game once the tutorial ends. I've

Jul 10, 13 8:23am
Looking for some more contestants, join in on the fun! Also, Prepare to Die. ^_^ http://bit.ly10LkFt0
Jul 10, 13 8:22am
Looking for some more constestants, join in on the fun! :D Also, Prepare to Die. ^_^
Jul 9, 13 4:14pm
We have 8 players so far and we're looking to have about 16. :D
Jul 9, 13 3:21pm
Dark Souls Mafia is Open! Based on lore and hopefully awesome storytelling, let's see how it all goes down! ^_^
Jul 8, 13 1:16pm
Day 2 of editing the Dark Souls NeoWiki and I've hit 50KB of data. xD Anyways, check out the latest Mafia game:
Jul 5, 13 3:22pm
Day 1 of Dark Souls NeoWiki and I'm 25KB in. I expect it to hit a Megabyte worth of information before August. (Aka... A lot...)
Jul 5, 13 11:04am
Enjoyed Independence Day, had some fun with the younger siblings. How was your 4th of July? (For those 'Muricans out there.)
Jul 3, 13 4:46pm
Anyone getting ready to light it up with some fireworks tonight? :3
Jul 3, 13 1:45pm
Slightly... confused? Not too sure how to get the Dark Souls Neowiki approved or who to contact in that regard. x_x


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