I'm bored an have nothing better to do, so I'm signing your guestbook!

Keep doin' what you're doin'... And stay cool, even if you don't have the rest of us in the RMXP forum to back you up anymore



Everyone else has to agree that the "minimum length of characters" is annoying. I now have to make this add up to 125 characters...

merry christmas from the master of ff7
Well Hello,Hello. Why if it isn't my god freindly freind breadfan! whats up man?

Ah...I remeber this day, about 2 years ago I was a wee little noob to rpgmaker xp, and you helped me out and spoon fed me every anwser untill I was able to make it on my own!

FOr that I slaute you! Stamp sure to follow.
Hey moderator Breadfan, you dont post so much but I see you are online sometimes, I just wanted to say hi and wish you good luck with whatever you are doing, Ive almost never spammed at your forum online when I was a begginer at this forum thing!=D
I know you're old now and you probably just get a pair of socks and some deoderant (my parent promised me that for next year) but have a nice Xmas anyway.

I absolutely, just had to twist your arm for bugging me

I'm always available if you need help, just feel free to drop me a PM

and a merry Xmas to you too

Krunal Sheth
For me,about a year has passed since I became a member on on neoseeker,more over,the rpgmaker xp forum. Since you helped me in the times of noob, I though I might as well say thanks agian.Not to mention im on a guestbook signing spree.
its great! finally a true rmxp expert. thanks for making this. this really helps for my prince of persia game. I also took a look at your other tutorials. I dont use them but they are great! I liked your mario one. well anyways thanks for making this for desperate rpg maker xp pupils like myself.
dude, your probably the most skilled eventer in the world! good luck with furture projects^_^

Here's another one of my works:

Without u and alot of otha doods on neo, well, my game'd be a piece of * * * *....(actually it still is,cos its incomplete but i guess its betta )
uve been very helpful helpn me on rmxp

Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
Hey there Breadfan, thanks for helping me on RMXP. Well I shall stamp your GuestBook


You have officially been signed by Stormtrooper _13 !
How are you today Breadfan?
I'm just signing your guestbook enjoy!

From Eagle Eye.

BTW: Sorry I can't put a Stamp into your nice guestbook, I'm making a new one, so I'll sign again when it's all done, it's going to be good .
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

since you were so helpfull with my post
i thought it would be a nice gesture to sign
your guestbook and thanks agian for those
helpfull and reasuring words.

if you can email me at sonicj@nerdshack.com

maybe hopefully you can help me with any futre problems(please exuce the spelling!)