I ditched portable 3rd right before high rank, I wanna experiance this game's colour species on 3D. But is CPP useful? I

http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/72163000/jpg/_72163366_72163365.jpg Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old Tottenham resident,

My AVG licence expired, but all of a sudden, it gave me a message saying I've to restart my computer to run it again, sho

Re-fighting Zinogre
Completed MHP3rd's Vilaage quests
Kill Jhen Mohran Thrice
Kill Jhen Mohran Twice
Kill Jhen Mohran

I have enough money to buy a 3ds XL and MH3U. After I complete MHP3rd that is, but now I have my doubts, is there anything t

Currently farming on Agnaktor for his armour to kill Jhen Mohran with my overpowered Duramboros SWAX.

Capcom released Unite to the west, it failed, however in Japan they killed it. So then they probably thought PSP was getting

He's my first ever Jhen so I have the right to be scared! Should I gun him? My option is Duramboros LBG with full Duram

@wuppertal and @edgefan246 are you ready? Battle will finish after each person has posted 4 times. Then users in the pol

I killed duramboros with Narga dual swords after failing with longswords. I'm worried about Agnaktor? I believe he&am

I need any advice on him, what's his elemental weakness, what weapon type should I use, what about armour? :( I'm sc

Yes, this is a mod approved rap competition! I am looking for people who are willing to take disses and people who have poe

Deviljho- Dev-ul-jo Rathalos- Wrath-a-loss Rathain- Wrath-Ian Jinouga- Jeen-or-gah Duramboros- Doo-ram-bore-ohs

Sheesh, someone forgot to feed the cat! He spams ailment inflicting moves thus random starts flying, did a blangonga get in i

HaPPy NeW YeaR
Killed Zinogre!
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