Simply put, the fact that you have a Smoker avatar is awesome. I don't see a lot of people around here with a Smoker avatar.

Normally I'd +Rep you, if it were possible on this site.
But, it ain't.
I'll do the next best thing - Which is, of course, signin' your guestbook.

Take care!
Hey its me o00 rnge o00 from rs..... add me um yeah check out my account and ull learn a lil bit about me i guess idk just tryin to fill up 125 chars lol my original message was to short

Signed by the TRUE Yoshi King Great Luigi and snake!
Snake vs Captain Falcon is so truly epic and just remember that Captain Falcon is by far manlier and without further adieu here is my epic stamp for j00

So i'm stampin you no matter what you say

see you around brawl thanx fer the UB BTW...

Thanks for the stamp and thanks for the congrats. Don't worry, we will fight. I'll let you know when my Wi-fi is up so STOP STAREING AT ME!!!!! XD

Oh btw...