I forgot all about The Yoshi Yarn game with all the commotion about the other titles.
Roger craig smith was the voice of sonic. And wonder blue. TheWonderful101 Wii U
Wind waker was literally my favorite game of all time. Now that's in HD... TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWakerHD Wii U
Have you ever noticed how the xbox one is terrible?
90+ Posts, here I come.
Arise... Butlett... HERO OF THE WINDS!
Why don't people like the wii u? ... What's that? ... People actually like the Xbox one? [Sigh.] You crazy people.
Best game on the Wii u for sure. TheWonderful101 Wii U
So I'm clicking on the "Update" Button on my avatar, and I still can't change it to something... Hm...
Wonderful 101: Best game right now next to X.
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