Hi, there Braden (I don't really know who you are).

So... I signed your guestbook.

Did I even have to do this for a name of something? XD

Well whatever >>
Hi, you IRC person you ... just saying hi through guestbook message... see you around... IRC... IRC... IRC... IRC... IRC... IRC... IRC...
Hey Braden,I know that we haven't been much friends since I joined,so I wanted to start over as being your friend,I see that you are not lonely in your guestbook,could you please sign mine? anyway...Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas kiddo.
Just greeting people from the social forum and you're one of them.

Thanks for clarifying all the names of those songs in your guide + putting in the lyrics. Was pretty kind of you, and makes me miss playing San Andreas.

*is also signing for pic*
We gots ta kick it some time. See you round loungin bruddda. And i gots a question. Where is Malta?????? latermy FFFrriennd !!!! !!!! !!
i just wanted to see the pic

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Pic pleeeeeez lol. Nah ive seen you around in some of the forums. But cool sig either way. So now i have to go on about something just so i can meet the minimum character requirement.
I want that picture NOW! I want to see it before I leave this page, because if I don't that means I was lied to! Right in front of my face. And that picture better not be isometric you, meanie! Show it to me now!
Just after the picture sir! Nice picture, can't wait to see what the unedited version looks like... And I'm gonna have to fill this area with useful text, apparently...
you have a great avatar! i very very very much like it lots yes i do it is very likeable yes it is, very likeable indeed, i very much like it alot. very lots my friend.
ahem well this guy here wants me to sign his guestbook so i guess i will indeed post an entry which he will delete as soon as he read it as it makes no sense or anything.... sigh what a world...
hello m8, just saying hi!

i was bored and thought i would sign a few guestbooks for no real reason, and ofcourse urs has aextra bonus lol.
Just passing through...

He didnt know how i got his PSN ID, ha he gave it to me, ha, to him i must have just Appeared out of no where and said 'hi its me how you doing', and he would have thought, who the hell is this guy, but i theres a forum where people post there PSN ID and Braden here posted his, then wondered how i got his. but at least now he knows
Lets see this image you are propsing.

Time to pull out my 3 year old stamp

I haven't stamped any one in months
Right then I'm signing the book, now make to it with the pictures, THIS BETTER NOT BE A PRANK . Well I do like you anyway, we seem to have a lot in common and shit.

*bleep* sakes is the 125 character's yet
You are the best! Keep on rocking! U rock so hard that the rockers rock harder to be 1/8th as rockhard as you! U ROCK! U ROCK! GTA IV foreva peace!
You have been touched by Hell.

And by a dancing pink elephant.

All your cookies belong to me.

heyy I dont know you but i saw you posting and i thought i would sign your guestbook because im that nice
And because the girl in your sig is hot. Damn character limit. ofndopfjapgbpoadhbodk; hjdfdgfdd*bleep*ffahgfdsfgffdd fhghgdjhsfhfdjdghjgfsj
Sorry I'm not cool and don't have a stamp but hopefully soon. I am looking forward to seeing the full pic of that gorgeous woman in your sig!!!
I am signing ur geust book lol # rite something meaningful, memorable, or personalized.
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hello I am signing ur guestbook for some reason don't ask lol pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp your welcome your welcomeyour welcomeyour welcomeyour welcomeyour welcomeyour welcomeyour welcomeyour welcomeyour welcomeyour welcome