Lizzo BradSK
Dec 25, 06 3:25pm

Friendly Faces Everywhere, Humble folks without Temptations!

Enjoy your christmas, brad.
Redalert501 BradSK
Dec 25, 06 11:57am

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England in 60 minutes!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Anyway, don’t forget to sign back!

Riggster BradSK
Dec 25, 06 11:03am
Here we go have a good Christmas and new year!

Azn_Applecake BradSK
Aug 23, 06 7:10am
Just wanted to sign some guestbooks...

Please Sign Back

Redalert501 BradSK
Aug 20, 06 10:40pm
Help us!!! Martians are attacking!!! *TV Announcement* “Remember folks, the only way to control the Martians is to give Redalert501 an abyssal whip or other disturbing weapon once every 24 hours! That is all.”

See you around the RuneScape forum noob. Remember to sign back, OR MARTIANS WILL ATTACK!!! MUAHAHA!!! (Visiting my website wouldn’t hurt either)

Owned by
Angyles Cerddoriaeth BradSK
Aug 19, 06 5:11am

Delexo BradSK
Jun 19, 06 11:10pm

Funniest man on the internet! Good luck in RS and see you around!
yamipower BradSK
Apr 24, 06 4:08am

Eat it. You know you want to...
hmmmm.... need more chracters...
Kjgmusic BradSK
Dec 26, 05 12:52am

Have a happy holiday season.

Sign it,nub.
I'm no nub!
venom BradSK
Dec 18, 05 11:58pm
Hey, thank you for the Guestbook signing, it's always cool to meet another Green Day fan, hopefully getting "Bullet In A Bible" for Christmas this year. Well anyway, see you around I guess, hope you have a good Christmas.

Take care,

Spud BradSK
Dec 13, 05 4:24am
On a mission to sign everyones guestbook who is online, you are the chosen one...

I'd appreciate it if you signed back, thanks.
Omega X BradSK
Sep 17, 05 11:37pm
I just signed your guestbook with my 0wnag3 stamp. You just became my property.

Tank BradSK
Jul 29, 05 11:45pm


Makeaton didn't draw that.
Makeaton BradSK
Jun 16, 05 12:54am

ya, i never realy signed it eh?
well, your a good friend, least i can do
Tank BradSK
May 18, 05 4:30am
I haven't even signed, Im ashamed.

The British Bulldog BradSK
Apr 30, 05 6:21am
Seen you a lot in the UK forum and thats cool. Just remember, don't vote for Micheal Howard!

The British Bulldog
Concussion BradSK
Apr 11, 05 4:54am
You're a regular in the RS forum, so I thought it would be proper to sign your guestbook. You might've seen my old account, Firefly53, in the forums back in '03 and '04, I faintly remember you for some reason. Yeah, so anyways, have a nice day. =)
KougasGrl01 BradSK
Feb 05, 05 6:29am
Looking though peoples guestbook and stamping them as i go Ur just another Victum that i have to stamp....

Echo BradSK
Dec 21, 04 12:24am
metallica rules BradSK
Nov 09, 04 11:49pm
Hey Brad, I haven't heard from you in a long time, I hope everything's going well.

When you have time, please sign back.

Cradle of Filth ...Or-
hugoauthen BradSK
Oct 17, 04 4:44am

sign back
DQ Maniac BradSK
Sep 29, 04 4:29am
Exonerate BradSK
Sep 05, 04 6:35am
yo Braddio, yes you bro, let's go with the flow.. anyway... signing your guestbook 'cause I wanna and it's good to talk to you on MSN.. and good luck with Runescape!

Sign back if you want.. later...

Bullet Proof BradSK
Aug 10, 04 3:28am
Hey brad thanks for signing my guest book and being a great pal and making me kick ass GFX.

Consider that your ticket for breaking the law.

Kirbyking BradSK
Aug 10, 04 1:06am
I pwned you, hahahahaha, what a loser j/k, dont feel bad, I've got 3 pages worth of pwned people