The bloody thing does not last long at all until you need to plug it in and charge, It seems like it last a couple of hours w

Here are two screenshots I took while playing Assassins Creed 4 just getting used to the feature

PlayStation 4 has become the fastest-selling console in UK history, market research outfit Chart-Track has announced. Play

I have managed to log in but can't access any of the online features and when I go to play online I'm told that I don No details if its just kills or if it includes capturing objectives

_Free-for-all_ Kill everyone. First player to reach the score limit ends the game, the top 3 players win _Team Deathmat

Chasm: Large map with an underground tube station http:

Seriously my patience in wearing thin with this game they bring out a patch that *bleep*s up the game even more. How am I mea

It looks like one of next-gen's most anticipated launch titles won't be seeing light of day until much later now,

I have been thinking of creating some sort of community event for PS3 users and wanted to know what people think of my ideas

Someone found out the secret achievements and they were all to do with this mode c0SpPlRyOcY[/youtube

Just put the game on (im not going to touch multiplayer) and I have no sound and the game feels sluggish. Rockstar you truly

--Quote-- Call of Duty: Ghosts is rated 16, Eurogamer can reveal. Promotional material for the game carries an 18 certific

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