Crystal Creation Borritoe
Dec 23, 07 6:40pm
It's Christmas, so who cares? Lol!
Merry Christmas to you joe, and I hope you receive a lot of presents, and all of that jazz:

Also, have a happy new year when it comes.
(Lol, Mooglez!)

Crystal Creation Borritoe
Oct 13, 07 10:55pm
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
BallisticBlissey Borritoe
Jul 19, 07 8:08pm
HI, re-signing your GB!

Fear the fatty!
wi fi gi07 Borritoe
Jul 13, 07 7:09pm

Do you love it? A Wobbustamp for ma bestest neobro buddy!
Orlando Borritoe
Jun 28, 07 11:23pm
hey saw you stamp my guestbook so i decided to stamp yours

BallisticBlissey Borritoe
Jun 28, 07 6:50pm
Yo Wassup! Just Sayin Hi! P.S. Nice name...Borritoe. I forgot how to spell Burritoe now lol!
Crystal Creation Borritoe
Jun 23, 07 4:29am
Hey there, Joe. What's up?

Anyways, just stopping by to sign your Guestbook. See you around: