wow. I was jsut wondering, but do you trace them or just copy, cause they are amazing. And im hoping its your own sketch :3 I suck, and im wondering if you have any tips. Thanks!
Hey I'm on a stamping spree and because your one of my friends I couldn't miss your guest book! You may not have noticed so I'm just going to come out with it, I got a name change! It's no longer GameFreakACWW but The Rising Nebula. Enjoy my stamp now and please stamp me back when you can, bye frand! XD

:.From your friend.:

So as you can see I've managed to make sometime for neoseeker and with this time I've decided to spend it on you. I thought that because I haven't been on in quite a long time and because I haven't been able to talk to you I would like to now. Since it's so cold out and snowy in some parts of the world I would like to wish you a...

Merry Christmas!

I not only would like it if you had a great holiday but I hope you get everything you wanted. Please remember that I really care about you, want you safe, and am your friend. I have not forgotten our friendship.

Yayz I'm signing your G book...It's been a while.... how've you been? Still on I hope?

See you in HM i guess...


C Falcon
im stamping all my freinds with a diffrent stamp. so, here's yours.

stay cool,
So you hate Naruto. But you like chobits and bleach. Im like you. lol just gonna stamp you.

sign back? kthxbai
And a wine cooler thank you.

i luv ur art-especially the ones of Haruno Sakura.
oh, and where did u get that pic of all the characters doing the wave?
i've looked all over for it (i saw it on another forum b4 this)!

Hope you like my stamp! i worked hard on it...Well You better stamp back too!! Well i really enjoy talking to you a lot. You're really cool!

Hey Born_Confused!! what's up? the sky of course but anyway happy April Fools day!
i hope you trick alot of people! just not me


look at that guestbook signing *bleep* head coz naruto rules over your mom anyday
Hi Born_Confused i saw you in loungin' and thought "Lets sign this guestbook" can i add your msn. It's nicer to ask.

Stamped. Muhahaha. Enjoy... this... I guess? And OMG it's not Gaara related XD.

It`sa me mew king continueing my spree/launching my new account! I was gonna

Here is the stamp I made:


Alan ^^
I saw you in one of the forums. I thought i might sign your guestbook.

Cya around! PM me if you want to be Neofriends.

hav a great valentines day ^^

Hey it's your old pal C Falcon with his new and only stamp....

You are Sakura it might be blurry.....
Since you signed my guestbook, old friend, it's obvious that I will sign yours back! With all these Sakura pics. I noticed you like Sakura the best in Naruto!

Hope you liked them all!
Yea, I kinda figured it was a slave thing considering that Sakura was telling you to slam Sakura and Naruto or something in the GD thread. And at the top it said SLAVE WEEK. SO yea.
Well, I hate Naruto as well! So, HA! I hate the animation! It sucks! I know! I love the Japenese versions soo much better, so deal with it!

(I've missed you! *hugs*)
Hey signin back! Its fun talking to you in the HM forum! yup so heres your stamp:

Signing Spree! (:

Yes, it's that time of the year again. xD

Sign back or else.... you don't get a cookie! O:


For someone who dislikes Sakura, they sure have weird ways of expressing their dislike. Like putting said person in their avatar.

And if I wanted and/or cared about your opinion I'd ask for it. So kindly don't go around saying "You should get better tastes in animes."

FYI, I do watch Bleach and I agree it is very good, but so is Naruto, maybe more so to a certain degree.

I don't go aorund (to you too) slagging off your taste in anime, so don't do it to me.