piro leetusagi Boontz_Lottie
Jun 13, 07 6:44pm
Hi there, it sure has been a while since I've been here, I apologize about that. But I'm here now, doesn't that count?^^;

Here's something for ya to think about.

Thanks for being my friend, and I hope to talk to you on MSN soon.^^

See ya!
Tool_Fan_06 Boontz_Lottie
Apr 02, 07 2:02am
I feel like being kind and your a good contributor on Neo so here i am:

Now say the magic words: Simsalbimbamba Saladu Saladim.
Sereph Boontz_Lottie
Mar 26, 07 1:52pm
A stamp for a well-said, angry reply in that crap "Lesbian" thread in Loungin'. And now:

Your guestbook is now spooky.
Verdant_Abyss Boontz_Lottie
Jan 09, 07 12:05pm

I kiss you on the cheek,
"Goodnight, my love," I say.
You turn to me and smile,
"A baby's on the way".

And then you drift asleep,
To dream of life anew.
And I lie wondering,
Just what I should do.

I could kick you in the stomach,
and catch you unawares.
I could swear to god you accidentally
Fell that flight of stairs.

When I tell you that I love you,
I will look you in the eye,
As I slowly slide the hanger up your thigh.

Vengeance is mine.
bad ass Boontz_Lottie
Jan 08, 07 2:51pm

Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
Chain Chomp Boontz_Lottie
Jan 05, 07 10:28pm
Wassup? I don't think I've ever seen you around, until today I mean. So I guess I'll sign your book and say hi!

See ya around the forums!
Mouldy Cheese Boontz_Lottie
Nov 20, 06 9:40pm
Hey! Christmas time=Stampie spree!
I made this

Which is why it's not so good! Heh heh!
Siam Shade Fanatic Boontz_Lottie
Oct 25, 06 12:56pm

yep you are ^^
thank you for the userbars. i love them to bits !!!
minijinx Boontz_Lottie
Jul 29, 06 9:57pm
If soppy is your thing, then you wont think this is ming!

sorry i couldnt sign your GB earlier, i cant sign twice in a row!
The Crow Boontz_Lottie
Jul 28, 06 3:00am
I came here out of boredom but if I can get a free gift then I wont question it - who would?

Got a sudden urge to listen to A.F.I.

Hmm, I swear this should just be a PM now but meh...you like Wednesday 13 eh? Going to see them in Sept.

I think I've rambled on enough now possibly wasted near valuable seconds from your life, ahh thats the prize isn't it?
minijinx Boontz_Lottie
Jun 08, 06 5:09am
an effort of pity really, assuming you survived as well, and how close you were to death... you will never know.

minijinx Boontz_Lottie
Jun 03, 06 8:35pm
im in my own little world watching sailor moon and dancing to 3 doors down... meh

the sailor scouts say bye!

from the one and only
Blue Star Boontz_Lottie
Apr 20, 06 6:12pm
random signing from kumi ^.^

Saint someone Boontz_Lottie
Apr 16, 06 7:20pm

Hehe, who would had thought it'd be Tarja Turunen?. See you around.
Saint someone Boontz_Lottie
Mar 17, 06 4:30am
Heya, you're hanging around in Lougin, so why not give ya a sign?, I thought. I'll see you around hopefuly, pm me for a little chat or anything.


Mnmfan Boontz_Lottie
Mar 07, 06 6:18pm
Yep it is indeed Cameron Diaz. You got it with 1 hint.

Hint explained:
Hint 1: She's American - Yeah she is.

Banner Used


Are you really a female?? Your profile says you are but it also says you have a girlfriend.
Unless of course you're a 'special' female, in which case...Hi.
Anyway, enjoy the stamp...well unless you're not a 'special' female. Okay I need to shut up now.
Seraphic Radiance Boontz_Lottie
Feb 14, 06 10:34pm

Hope your Valentine's Day was/is more awesome than mine!

Love (not really),
Skitz0_666 Boontz_Lottie
Feb 14, 06 5:47am
Ive seen you around in Loungin and i decided to bestow apon you some...


My worker Goblins will be allong shortly with your complemantary champagne

Mouldy Cheese Boontz_Lottie
Jan 03, 06 1:26am
Hey C! Long time no see right? can't wait for school again...lol...who am i kidding?
Anyways, here's a crappy little stamp i rustled up with my very limited graphic design skills!

Cya at school this year!
Seraphic Radiance Boontz_Lottie
Dec 22, 05 4:58pm
Merry Christmas!

I hope you have an absolutely fantastic Christmas, and many more to come!
And yes, I did take that image from Neopets. Neopets rock my world.

team groin Boontz_Lottie
Aug 14, 05 12:11pm
Hiya Boontz^^

Hope you like Full Moon

Sign back please
team groin Boontz_Lottie
Apr 21, 05 11:21am
*sigh* You're prob one of the few people I met on pointless about a year ago. You prob might not know me but hope you sign back, maybe even drop a PM sometime. Hope to see you around the forums soon
marill lover Boontz_Lottie
Apr 08, 05 1:50am
Stamping you back for stamping me Here Is my retro stamp from way back when I first joined

and a Little picture of a llama I drew

Uh see you whereever I see you then
Moosetwik Boontz_Lottie
Mar 29, 05 9:59pm
Howdy, my names Moosetwik and i was bored so i signed your GB, so please sign back and check out this forum [link name=XionFire]*snip*/xionfire_forums[/link]

The Rock Bottom Boontz_Lottie
Mar 06, 05 7:28am
Hi, this is The Rock Bottom, just signing your guestbook. Good luck with that Comedy quotes collage thing. Read my post about Groucho Marx, you'll really want to get some of his movies in. I'll see you again beautiful, The Rock Bottom.