Haii. *Waves madly*
I'm honoured you would take the time to come and look at this.
Of course, credit to Lauzi for making me a beautiful neohome.
Based on Paul. Haha, anyone who knows me will know I'm a Paul fan, I secretly stalk him.
You've also upped my counter, (which I'm amazed at - rather cool.) so thankies. ^^
Any announcements at the bottom of the page.

~ Aether

Mah bub.
He is my hero and I am his SaltStalker™.
Became a temporary Moderator for me and everything. Bless him.
I am exactly 2 years, 3 months, 16 days and 57 minutes older than him.
Also known as: 869 days and 57 minutes or 1251417 minutes. And we were sad enough to work it out. (Well, Adam did it. :P)
The friend I brought at the Pet Store. He's probably the person I talk to most on the whole of neoseeker, especially when he won't shut up, because I don't either. It's a circle of doom when this occurs. We're probably the oddest pair of friends because we spark up arguements about practically nothing. The beauty of it is that we make up that easily too. (With the odd exception of course...)
He's the limited edition friend at the friend store and you can't have him. Mine. Mine I say! I paid a whole fiver for him and he costs a fortune with all the flowers he needs.
We are partners in crime.
Lub you bub. :)

~ Lauzi

My fellow neosister, we have been friends since I came onto neoseeker, and she's always the first to read my fanfics, supporting me throughout them, even if they go through rough patches she continues to say she wants more. I probably wouldn’t still be on Neo if it weren't for missing our random conversations, and so I never would be improving my writing skills without her. She makes me feel welcome, even though I'm no longer a noob. (Well...)

~ Artirtico

Wow. What a guy.
He hasn't been here that long and everyone already loves him. He's one of the top Spriters and yet continues to call me the trainer expert. :P When he know's deep inside he is. ;) I think he has to be one of the most kind hearted people out there, and I'm thankful to know him.

Night owl. ;)

~ Eclipse

Hahaa, two bloody peas in a pod, blattetz. He create amazingly mature writing for his age, though I still want to see him finish his shipping, because it's fantastic. I still love his old username, (*cough*Charizard Trainer*cough*) and I just plain love the guy. He's so fun to talk to, I'm glad I got the chance to meet and befriend such an amazing person.

~ Bitter Sweet

Ninetails_Team, obviously. :)
She may not have been on neo as long as I have, but she never really had a noob stage, and her stories are a great read. (If she'll start one again.)
She's super talented, and really nice. She's so plesant to talk to and a great friend to meet.
I miss her so much now and I hope she returns, which she usually does anyway, Neo's a drug you just can't shake the addiction.

~ Kogosamaru

Kogo kogo kogo! Need I say more? Well the answer's yes, I do. He may not be perfect, but he is in my eyes, we got along really well from the start. (I think, whether Kogo thinks that I don't know... XD) His cute way of saying 'om' instead of 'I'm' makes me smile, especially when he brings so much personality into our (*cough*not yet finished *cough*) fanfic.

~ Diamond Master

Used to be number 10, mwahahaha, but that's way to noobish now, eh DM? He was the one who brought me out of Noobhood, (but failed miserably, I'm still a noob. XD) and for that I am thankful. Many nice people have spoke to me in my time on Neo, and for me he has got to be the most patient person I have ever met. Plus he has awesome avvies.

~ Samkuro

Hahaa, you gotta love this guy, he's just so lovable. He has random obsessions that he likes to shout aloud, and no matter how much you try you won't stop him, so I leave him to it... We talk a lot about music and other shiz, and put us in a convo with Adam and we're off. He's an amazing artist and rivals Artirtico for his creativity. He started writing at one point but has stopped again, and so my newest mission is to poke him back to it.


Hi, I'm Boo. I've been on neo for over a year now, and finally got rid of my numbers. I'm on neo a lot of the time, and I enjoy writing, making cards and graphics, and chatting in the Bleeding Grey.
I'm usually found in Pokefiction; which I began moderating on the 1st of January 2009. I enjoy dropping in Animal Crossing:Wild World, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Battle Revolution.
My first Fanfic I started in November 2007, after stumbling across General Pokemon through a link in Lmjkkd6's sig. I looked through it and found an Advance shipping which I will never stop loving, even if it were discontinued. It gave me so much inspiration, and that's where my writing addiction began. I remember making no plan on where the story was heading, my grammar was aweful and spelling was mad. Mikeara has to be my favourite creation of my life, and she is the basis of most of my characters now. She started out as a Ranger, and her Raichu (what else?) which was the runt of a litter, making it a lot smaller than average. The story continued and I suddenly thought of bringing the Anime characters into it. My Shipping inspiration was born.
I'm a huge Pokemon Shipping fan, and I can't get enough of them. I go through random stages but my biggest stage has to be Ikarishipping. I stumbled across a debate in a forum about it, and I was hooked. I needed to write one. Which I did and it was my biggest 'fic, Opposite Attracts (Original, I know.)
So I'm neoseeker's biggest Ikarishipping fan, and I have written one too. I am also renowned to be the Raichu lover of the forums, everyone seems to know about it. I wonder why...

Aether - Is that why when I put a sprite level to it, it's perfectly straight?
Boo - It wasn't before then.
Aether - It was.
Boo - And it's a spirit level.
Aether - That's what I mean
Boo - You're a tard.
Aether -I was thinking "Spirit Level" But typed Sprite. XD
Boo - Also, I watched you eat a spider in your sleep.
Aether - And can you stop insulting you?


Viktor - I was small ._.
And still am

Boo - Hahaaa, big things come in small packages.
That sounded wrong.

Viktor - XD

Boo - Should have rephrased that.


Boo: *bleep* Adam. You'd say yes to anything.
Aether: More insulting you


Viktor says: What happened? I'm just confused >_>
Boo: You said I wasn't joking about you having large manly parts! X3
Viktor says: Yes I did say that ages ago. >_> XD
Boo: I didn't know that.
Viktor says: I thought you knew that you knew about my large manly parts. :L
Wait, what? o-o
Boo: VIK! No I didn't. What are you implying!?
Viktor says: What/ D= Time to run away, methinks. *runs*
Boo: Hahahahaaa! Quotes!
Viktor says: OHSHI-


Aether: Baack, coughing while taking a pee is not good
Boo: XDXDXD Especially not for a lad. Did you miss? XD
Aether: ...No Comment.
Aether: Now Boo says "QUOTE!" Omfg
Aether: I was typing that before you said "QUOTE!" XDDDDDDDDDD

(Previous Thread)
Boo:What about this for a name! Boo's babes! Then you can abbreviate it to "Boobs" XD

(Next thread)
Boo: All in favour of Boobs say "Ai!" *Raises hand* Ai!
Fletchr: I go with Boo's idea: BOOBS!!
Pika: Aargh! Go Boobs!
MOB: I love boobs!
SK:I just said I refuse to put that in the title.
Boo:Then I shall overrule you with my Boobs!


Aether:She's in the delivery room. GIVING BIRTH *LE GASP*
Boo: NO WAY! You raped her already!?

Aether says:...
No comment.


Aether says:
*bleep* me.
(not really, just a saying)


*Kisses Boo's Feet*

I'm Sorry To Call You Boo123


I was about to type *jugggggs*

Boo says:

Aether says:
Yay for Jugs!

Boo says:
Not something you should say Adam.

Aether says:
But I did!


Aether says:
Where can I find a Pennyfarting?


Boo says:
Adam says:
Boo says:
Adam says:
Boo says:
[[[Boo has fainted from excitment.]]]
Adam says:
[[[Boo can't spell whilst dead.]]]
Adam says:
;3 Boo says:
Adam says:
No, you reaaaaally don't
Boo says:
Are they coated in crappy chocolate?
Adam says:
Because it's my Dad thing, and he makes it sound like Penis
Boo says:
Now I want peanuts.
Gimme. ¬_¬
Adam says:


Adam says:
Boo says:
Adam says:
You spin my head right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down down
Boo says:
I was just typing that!
:O:O:O !
Adam says:
Boo says:
That is the creepiest thing ever!
Adam says:
I think this is quote material. Lmao
Boo says:
*No. o-o
*That would explain my stalkers...
Adam says:
Adam says:
*...is that how you spell it?
*Can you make a new tab in your Neo-Home so I can read the quotes? DX
Boo says:
*Brb, I have to phone my friend.
Adam says:
*Or try and get Lauzi to fix it.
*And great.
Boo says:
*So I might be a while. XD
Adam says:
*That'll be an hour.
Boo says:
*Or more sometimes. ;)
Adam says:
*Hours later*
Boo says:
*Back! Lmao
Adam says:
*Great, just when I was about to sign off. >__>
Boo says:
*Sorry bub...
Adam says:
*I'll stay on.
Boo says:
**Tackles* <--Smiley Adam says:
Boo says:
*Hahaa, ikr!?
Adan says:
*Long string of smiley stolen*
Boo says: *Hahaa. *Pins you to floor and squeezes*
Adam says:
Boo says:
*Oh yeah, I had more red bull. ^^
Adam says:
Boo says:
Adam says:
*brb, need chococococococococococolate
Boo says:
*Hahaa, you do!?
*Me too!
*Chocololatet is goofd
*Ahha my dingers are moving to dast
*And I keep prassing d!
*Shit ip bether
*Shit up!?
*Shut up.
* yjn 5yjnm
*Ouch, I just fell off mu chair.
*I hate adamitis.
*U give up.
Adam says:
Boo says:
*My fingers are wobbling.
*You're nacl!
*Wtf is a nacl!?
*you're backl
*you're nacl backl!
Adam says:
Boo says:
Adam says:
*You should put all of this in quotes tbfh.
Boo says:
Adam says:
*And I be pig. I got Caramel Dairky Milk, Choc Dips and Aero. :D
*Because it's funny. XD
Boo says:
*You be big?
Boo says:
*Thuis is getting annoying.
*But I can't help it!
*I'm shaking.
Adam says:
*XD Boo says:
*IO think I had to much.
Adam says:
*Err... yeah

Paul (Shinji - "Faithful Second")

Age: 11
Hometown: Veilstone City.
Class: Trainer.

Pokemon on Hand:

Pokemon being taken care of by Reggie:
Paul is a Trainer from the Pokemon Anime, he takes it upon himself to be Ash's rival. They have frequent arguements due to their clash of personality, they both have different views on raising Pokemon. He has only once worked with Ash, during the Tag Battles; which they won, and even then they had arguements.
He has travelled through all regions, Kanto being his first along side his starter, a Turtwig.
His only known family is Reggie, who was a successful trainer until stumped by Frontier Brain Brandon, and gave up. He then changed career to a Pokemon Breeder/Carer. This angered Paul, and hence his drive to be the best and never give up. He attempted to beat Brandon himself, to prove that he has a better view on Pokemon than his brother, but fails to beat any of Brandon's pokemon.

Haha, I love Paul.

Raichu, the electric mouse pokemon.

It has appeared in the anime several times, obviously because of its awesomeness. It has also been in a mini movie, being mischievous.
It also has amazing features, which I would love to dress up. I want to put a ribbon on its tail! I have a shiny one, and a Volt Tackling one, and many other ones which I love lotsh and lotsh. *Dances*

My Pokemon Team!



Vaporeon (Shiny)

Arcanine (Shiny)

Shaymin (Land Forme)

Celebi (Shiny)

OK, here are my SSBB mains:

Announcements: N/A

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