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Sep 25, 10 4:32pm


Negai Shipping. It's been two days and it's already here. Gah. I never wrote a Pearlshipping! D=

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Jul 8, 10 10:02pm

Haha, so I haven't done this in a while. My previous one, Advance shipping got bashed so I thought I should say this;

I respect your opinions, even if I may disagree with them. Please respect mine. I am open to debating, but downright rudeness is simply unacceptable. Thank you.

~Opposites Attract, by me.

Okay, Ikarishipping.

Why do I like it?

Compared to its competing shippings, such as Penguinshipping and Pearlshipping, it doesn't have much evidence. However, it doesn't stop it being one of the most popular shippings in the Pokemon fandom (alongside Pokeshipping and Contestshipping.)

We like it because of the bad boy, Paul. Dawn just fits. It's really hard to explain, but the phrase 'opposites attract' is pretty much it.

Paul does seem gentler around Dawn, unlike his interactions with Ash, some may say that's because she's not a rival, but we like to think he's crushing!

Also, team Shinji guys, I really would like to see him win the Sinnoh League.

So anyway, what are your thoughts on Ikarishipping? Yay or Nay?
If not, who would you prefer to see with Paul or Dawn? Why? Try and convince me away from the Ikari. (<The impossible challenge)

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Feb 22, 09 9:22pm

    My newest obsession I cba to find the name for yet, but I watched The Rise of Darkrai yesterday, dubbed in english.
    I had already watched the japanese version ages ago, but I have renewed my knowledge of the shiz.

    Alicia and Tonio!

    Lol, childhood sweethearts ftw. :)

    A hint of Pearlshippings me thinks... Poor Brock. Does nobody love him!?
    Me thinks Ash and Brock will hit it off... Eventually. :D
    Then Nurse Joy will get jealous. Lol.

    It's a plan!
    Until next time! Baii!

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Jan 31, 09 4:18am

Mwahahaa, oh yeah..
At the rate I go through my little 'phases,' a new blog will be posted about which Shipping I'm loving atm.
So today, I looked into Advance shipping. The shipping which got me started in the first place thanks to someone... ¬_¬
But anyways.
Reason number 1! Has anyone seen the Manaphy Film? Hello!? Love much? So sweet!
Reason number 2! They both still look after that stupid cut in half badge, which I think is a tad cute...
Reason number 3! There are way too many episodes to mention, go on the Advance Shipping Wiki, they're way more believable than stupid Pokeshipping... *Rants about how stupid Pokeshipping is...*
Reason number 4! Lucario and the Mystery of Mew: He was hawkin' bad ways!
Anyways, if you think of any other reasons, comment bubz! :)
Until next time, bubi. (:

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Jan 12, 09 8:27am

Well now I'm officially a moderator, of my favourite forum ever.
I'm loving it!


I haven't the third cutest partner for Dawn! (Coming behind Paul and Kenny, obv.)
Come to think of it, I haven't done a Penguin shipping, maybe I should...
But anyway!
I've started the "thrid cutest Dawn pairing" and I'm not telling you who the mystery guy is.

It's fourth! Can't forget Pearlshipping can we? Equally as cute.

Hmm, maybe fifth could be Drew... It'd spice things up between Dawn and May me thinks...
Mystery guy.. Mystery guy.. ^_^
Lolol. I'm going to enjoy writing this. I'm planning it out and everything!
Do you think I should evolve Ash's Chimchar in it? I haven't mentioned it yet because I meantioned Floatzel instead.
And of course, Ash's amazing Gliscor will make an epic appearence. And I shall hug it and hug it forever and ever! It's so stupid it's cute! Lol..

Mystery Guy Mystery Guy... *Evil music played*
Do comment your ideas. ;)

B o o

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