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It's only the first game. Give it time.
Hahaa I hope they don't ruin it, but it's... read more

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*is confused* You're pretty much glad that Ubisoft didn't pull a Ubisoft. =P
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Finished Watch Dogs, glad they didn't pull a Ubisoft and make the ending utter BS. :)
Troy Baker does it again *fangirling over Second Son*
Sorting the most epic holiday of my life out. 2014 is going to be a good year!
Once again been looked at funny in Game store when I ask a gaming question.

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has nothing to do with your status but I love your avatar. I have the emblem as...
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If anybody wants to be my Valentine instead of chocolate I will have Lightning Returns okay thanks
no more Christmas theme bye
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sohgoeurhgsoeuithg;srutohg read more

so I have a PS4 now add me : Besanii

I feel like we should set up a Boo force read more

I feel downgraded now there's a Captain Boo on neo criesincorner
Some asshole has dented my car merryfrickinchristmas
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Eh, I'm so done with Assassin's Creed
I think I'm the only one who didn't enjoy this game

The... read more

I am so done with everybody right now