black_wing79 Bombite
Sep 24, 05 12:01am
well noticed its your birthday today.. hope you have a wondrful year ahead!!!
Bass Unlimeted Bombite
Apr 20, 03 9:58pm
hey um your really cool.... especially if you posted about300 something!! oh and can you instant mesaga me at
longlegs Bombite
Sep 13, 02 6:40am
hey i've seen u around so i just thought that i should sign your guestbook since i don't know much people. And if u have Instant Messenger my sn is longlegs1991.
aggie162 Bombite
Jul 21, 02 3:15am
I thought I should sign your guestbook.
I have been talking to you through E-mails so I thought I should. I hope to see you around. Later!