I'm Fergus
      I'm a 14 Year Old Boy
    I Live For Music

    I Love Playing Guitar

    I Also Like:
  1. Video Games
  2. Metal Music
  3. Heavy Metal
  4. 80s Metal
  5. 80s Rock
  6. Industrial
  7. Death Metal
  8. Melodic Death Metal
  9. Groove Metal
  10. Black Metal
  11. Other GoodTypes Of Music
    I Hate:
  12. Emo Music
  13. Scene Music
  14. Fashion Before Music Mainstreme Bands
  15. (Bring Me The Horizon)(The Blackout)
  16. Music That Everyone Cant Shut Up About bad or good
  17. Bands That are popular for being depressing
  18. Bands That are very very over rated
  19. When People Only Like Bands Because People They Like Listen To It
  20. Hellogoodbye type music
    • You Can Contact Me At These Places:
    My Msn Bloodofthescrie666@live.co.uk My Bebo www.bebo.com/bloodofthescribe666 My Myspace www.myspace.com/bringmetheshikari Or Pm Me Cuz I'd Greatly Appresiate it :) -Fergus