I have a stamp for ya now:

I know you like Pinstripe, so this stamp is good for you!

I'm signing back. See you in the forums!
"Here we go!"
Yeah, thanks for signing a long while back. Since you wanted to be my friend, I'll guess I'll give you my MSN email...

..only from PM.

Anyways, hey. XD
Thanks for the signing, man! And happy belated birthday! I wasn't around yesterday. I was celebrating my birthday with a friend.

I'm having an AWESOME day!
Seen u around dude and some of the things u have been writing have been cool!So errr keep it up and keep it real man! Jaymess
Congratulations on scoring upto Q18 in the 100 Questions Crash Related thread. Cya round.

PS If you get a higher score I will stamp ya and give ya other rewards.
PSS Good luck again!
PISS Too bad the Crash's mansion thread was closed

Just popping in to sign.You seem a great guy,so here's my stamp:

Hope ya like it:D,

Cya round,
i was Bored So I signed ur guest book..........GRAND THEFT AUTO SAN ANDREAS RULES!!!!!Anyway...How's it going in the GTA fourm...I was making websites here and there for each fourm I like and if you want me to BUILD you one I can do that neoPM me if u want ONE
How are you doing good old pal? Just dropping by to say hi. I'm not sure if I signed your guestbook before and I'm too lazy to go back and check. See you in the forums!

Hi I'm here to advertise my website- www.suburbanjesus.tk if it doesnt work try *snip*/british-idiot. Thank you. GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH
since we're neofriends,of course i'll sign,hope you sign back!

I saw you around the Loungin' forum and decided to stamp your guestbook. Sign back if you can. =)

It's Obelisk ,good to see you on the Crash forums, nothing much to say.. just dropping by to say hi!

End transmission
Here is a new Crash Picture:

Sorry if it's too big!

Random Smiley of the Day:
It's me, Shaolin MAN no longer. I am no Super Shaolin! Keep this in mind because this guestbook will be signed by me, Double S in the house!!!!
Hi...you told me you liked the simpsons so here's a stamp: