Thunder850 Bobcat370
Feb 6, 07 7:01am
I have a stamp for ya now:

I know you like Pinstripe, so this stamp is good for you!

Subsoul Bobcat370
Dec 25, 06 10:30am

Thunder850 Bobcat370
Dec 16, 06 9:34pm
I'm signing back. See you in the forums!
"Here we go!"
Dingodile Blitzer Bobcat370
Dec 10, 06 1:38pm
Yeah, thanks for signing a long while back. Since you wanted to be my friend, I'll guess I'll give you my MSN email...

..only from PM.

Anyways, hey. XD
Dingo Steinberg Bobcat370
Oct 22, 06 8:33pm
Thanks for the signing, man! And happy belated birthday! I wasn't around yesterday. I was celebrating my birthday with a friend.

I'm having an AWESOME day!
Jaymess 24 Bobcat370
Oct 10, 06 11:56pm
Seen u around dude and some of the things u have been writing have been cool!So errr keep it up and keep it real man! Jaymess
KingCTTR Bobcat370
Oct 1, 06 11:26pm
Congratulations on scoring upto Q18 in the 100 Questions Crash Related thread. Cya round.

PS If you get a higher score I will stamp ya and give ya other rewards.
PSS Good luck again!
PISS Too bad the Crash's mansion thread was closed

Pokemon Ball Bobcat370
Oct 1, 06 9:06pm
Just popping in to sign.You seem a great guy,so here's my stamp:

Hope ya like it:D,

Cya round,
GTAIV Bobcat370
Sep 10, 06 4:13am
i was Bored So I signed ur guest book..........GRAND THEFT AUTO SAN ANDREAS RULES!!!!!Anyway...How's it going in the GTA fourm...I was making websites here and there for each fourm I like and if you want me to BUILD you one I can do that neoPM me if u want ONE
Chrome Bobcat370
Aug 19, 06 4:47pm
How are you doing good old pal? Just dropping by to say hi. I'm not sure if I signed your guestbook before and I'm too lazy to go back and check. See you in the forums!

Impaled Bobcat370
Aug 18, 06 9:18pm
Hi I'm here to advertise my website- if it doesnt work try *snip*/british-idiot. Thank you. GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH GFH
Early Bop Bobcat370
Aug 12, 06 9:18pm
since we're neofriends,of course i'll sign,hope you sign back!

Jak_X_ Bobcat370
Aug 12, 06 1:30am
I saw you around the Loungin' forum and decided to stamp your guestbook. Sign back if you can. =)

Chrome Bobcat370
Aug 6, 06 12:37am
It's Obelisk ,good to see you on the Crash forums, nothing much to say.. just dropping by to say hi!

End transmission
Born Confused Bobcat370
Jan 26, 06 5:48am
Here is a new Crash Picture:

Sorry if it's too big!

Random Smiley of the Day:
Super Shaolin Bobcat370
Jan 23, 06 8:28am
It's me, Shaolin MAN no longer. I am no Super Shaolin! Keep this in mind because this guestbook will be signed by me, Double S in the house!!!!
Born Confused Bobcat370
Jan 16, 06 11:34am told me you liked the simpsons so here's a stamp: