Deis Bobby06
Oct 08, 05 12:36pm

Happy Birthday.

See you around!

Love Lady Luck.
Q22 Bobby06
Sep 14, 04 4:57pm
I once knew a man named Bobby06. I once knew many people. Yet some I will remember on those rainy days ... and I think ... where did he go?

Long a go did he visit the library of Neoseeker.
Lil Nick Bobby06
Jul 11, 03 6:05pm
Youve been stamped!

Now sign [link name=My Guestbook][/link]
Bazzo Bobby06
May 23, 03 5:45pm
Hi, Bobby. I was just having a butchers at The Sims thing you wrote and I must say I'm awfully impressed, old bean! You must think I'm a psycho
Mercurious Bobby06
Apr 25, 03 12:52pm
Hey Bobby, whats happening. Are you still here on neo?? We're missing ya on DA. it's just lame now without ya. Hope to see some of your posts here and oh yes, have a great day. - Swift
hpfan91 Bobby06
Feb 24, 03 1:18am
dangitt it messed up my picture of a face that just suck well g2g Hpfan91 the followin jibberish means nothin ggfhdgfhdfghdhghfhfdhfhdfhfdg
hpfan91 Bobby06
Feb 24, 03 1:16am
bru u got some good advice (.(.
the eyes were suppossed to be somethin but i didnt want to get in trouble try and guess what it is
MotoCorn Bobby06
Jan 27, 03 2:05am
wow, you seem to be quit popular around here...anways just thought i would sign your guestbook just because. cya around bye!
Echelon 103 Bobby06
Jan 07, 03 2:30am
I have been here since the ending of 2001 and I didnt quite go on here that much for at least 2 months but I get modded a lot and always misread the posts but I dont mean to get modded but it happens. You seem like a cool person to me!
Echelon 103 Bobby06
Jan 07, 03 2:20am
Oh and this is the # 1 sign ever of guestbooks. Wasnt that great! anyways sorry for the double of the resolutions im not really awake and im kinda of sleepy hope to hear more from you.
Ruben Bobby06
Jan 02, 03 5:33pm
Well haven't seen you much of lately.Well I seen you around Yu-Gi-Oh Frobidden Memories alot.Well just dropped by to say Hi.Well then see ya around the forums.And sign my guestbook back if you can.
wow 74 Bobby06
Dec 24, 02 10:43pm
signing your guestbook and everyone i know on the fm board to say merry christmas and a happy new year.

hope you enjoy the 2 weeks vacation cause i know i do.

peace out.
public enemy Bobby06
Dec 08, 02 5:26am
I guess i'll sign your guest book since I tricked you into signing mine, and i'll do it again to!!!
damn 125 characters
theres a mini-stamp for you
paildramon 2 Bobby06
Dec 08, 02 1:15am
i think we know each other well good day (do you want to kill him or not?(oh and this is for 125 caracters $amn i hate it so much i want to choque it.
Q22 Bobby06
Dec 05, 02 11:05pm
I@m signign your book even thouhg we just met in the book forum but you seem cool and you have alot of books.

Anyhow BYE.
Dark Sage_1 Bobby06
Nov 30, 02 11:33pm
I spoke with you very briefly and you have helped me settle into neoseeker and im very thankful of that. i hope my sis, you, and I get to be the bestest of friends.
Dark Sage_1 Bobby06
Nov 30, 02 3:18am
hey bobby remember me well thanx for helping me get settled into neoseeker. got my account today 30 mins ago sign my Guestbook please..
Jacobpower34 Bobby06
Nov 12, 02 5:35am
Howdy, I decided to sign your guestbook, you gave me a nickname, Hurray!! -Jakey! It seems that this message isnt long enough so sign my guestbook also!
Black Jones Bobby06
Nov 03, 02 9:00pm
Hey Bobby06,am here to sign you guestbook and keep up the good posting,c ya in da forums;).Oh and remeber to sign My GuestBook

~Black Jones~