Murd Bob the Superiour
Feb 06, 09 2:06am
now that i added you and signed your guestbook please sign mine ugh 125 characters ok here we go.ferhybfjdhb cvfrhjecghjdc dhgcgfrehjcf rdrhjcdrhiucfhdrkc fhruihcfkudhc rueshcfrkjersh chdrhjcfh fdkjcvhdfkjh cfrhckjfh ckjhf rcbh dskjhc kjfsh ckujhefs kjcfh eskjch eskjcfkjeshcf kjefrshc fkjdshc dshc fjksdh cfkjdsh cfjuch f udhcf kjshe*bleep*jhsa fckujh kewucfh fkajhucf kjshef uch fc jrkhcf huier hg kjc hrjkvh ckjghde cgkjh gkjgh cdg kgc

btw you have 1 good thing.
segaman Bob the Superiour
Feb 06, 09 1:06am
Just a random gb signing spree! Sign back if you get the chance

Lyrikal_Retorik Bob the Superiour
May 10, 08 10:44pm

Hope your day is grand.
Chris717 Bob the Superiour
Apr 23, 08 10:40pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Sorry for the wait, i've been really busy. Anyway, in return i grant you one sexy stamp.
Chris717 Bob the Superiour
Dec 13, 07 12:29am
You've already had one and that wasn't even a proper signing so...

Remino52 Bob the Superiour
Dec 08, 07 12:56am
I read you signing and I might as well do so.I guess I should sign back.It is not like I shouldn't right?Well....TOOTLES!!!BTW TY for signing!!!
Chris717 Bob the Superiour
Nov 29, 07 1:14am
Thanks again for signing my guestbook, now i have to get the image of you hard outta my head. I grant you stamp!!!

Chris717 Bob the Superiour
Nov 12, 07 1:08am
I like your avatar...its got blue and black in it...Doesnt get me hard. Anyway i grant you one sexy stamp

ash man Bob the Superiour
Oct 20, 07 10:59am
hey, sorry about the bio thing, i didnt realise

anyway, you've been.......

sign back

~ash man~
thanks for posting in my thread
quote when you signed my guestbook
Feel proud, this doesnt happen often no seriously, this is THE first guestbook ive ever signed. Now you can really be proud.
Why would I be proud of that? Lol jk, so here's a stamp!! You didn't see this one yet right?

The Amazing Lucario!!!
jesswozere247 Bob the Superiour
Sep 27, 07 7:56pm
u mite not no me but oh just goin round signin evry1's guest books who have posted on the mysims forum.

you've just been signed by jesswozere2007

Sakura Bob the Superiour
Sep 24, 07 3:56am
MySims is an awesome game, and awesome people post in that forum. I'm signing everyone's guestbook with a new stamp. I hope to continue to see you around!

Hi, just signing all the Wifi Warriors members' guestbooks.

Curse this minumum length.....
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