So as the title suggests, discuss your gripes with the edit mode. I'll start us off. _1._ Changing imported images lay Winning more than the FA Cup #UmadP So according to the rankings on Master League Charlton Athl

So I have been enjoying a save with Southampton. I finished 7th in the first season, reaching the semi-finals of the FA Cup.

I've just realized our three captains will be out for the second leg of the Champions League. Terry (c), Cech (3rd) and L _THEPURPOSE_ Welcome to the PES 14 Kit seeker thread! Here on Neo we have a large range of

_Coventry City - Return to Glory_ _History_ Coventry City F.C. is an English associat

Hi, I've noticed every match I get at least 7 notes from the AssMan, saying my players have taken knocks, but should be a

Fancy Image coming Soon _The Super League. A fantasy competition used by FM, FIFA and PES fans alike. The competition pits I'm Santiago Munez, a Mexican immigrant. I've never had an easy life. Moving from _England - The Hope of a Nation_ England National Team. One of only 8 different nations

Now this may be a bit controversial with the whole PESUniverse think last year but I've PM'ed @Parmar1993 and he' THE_PURPOSE_ All of the Logo's in this thread are 128 x 128 so they fit perfectly in t

_The Purpose_ So this year KONAMI have decided to set near enough every celebration to default, which means you can see Ro _Name:_ Tom Bluestillidie _Nationality:_ English _Age:_ 16 _Position(s):_ Goalkeeper _Clu

So were starting the editing thread, and we're starting off with perhaps the easiest external editing process. How to mak

Purpose _TL;DR at the end_ So Martins hosted this thread a few years back, and after a quick chat with @Lyonnais I've d

Matic! Matic! Matic!

_Well it's quater past four in the morning, I'm wide awake and I'm bored so I thought I'd make this._ @adi

_NVL 1886_ 12c10d.png Before I start, as far as I know NVL 1886

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