I'm back. Don't know how long it'll be for, but I'm back for the time being, at least.
Still here, still going, still Pikachugirl_2011's neo-husband.
Running a forum with 38 members. What an improvement.

Out of curiosity, I finally got Assassin's Creed 2 for PS3 last Tuesday. I must admit, I didn't think the game could be that epic.

The graphics...
The characters...
The language...
The setting...

All of it. It's just such an absolutely stunning game, and definitely one for every PS3 gamer to have in their collection.

Edit: As of next weekend, I plan to have completed Assassin's Creed 2 in it's entirety. Only the No-hitter and Sweeper trophies left to get.

Further Edit: I got them both on the same day, and finally got the platinum trophy. Soon afterwards, I completed Lego Harry Potter and got that platinum trophy.

knights in the nightmare musingsthoughts

Ever since the end of my School Exams slightly under one month ago, I am at a total loss for what...

Ever since the end of my School Exams slightly under one month ago, I am at a total loss for what to do.
I've tried playing online games, but I seem to lose interest after a few hours (though that might be because I am awaiting the release of the prepaid cards for this game in particular).
I've tried reading (helps at night).
And I've even tried writing and updating some of my older fanfics.
Nothing works. Or does it...

In June, I created a free forum with an online service going by the name of freeforums. This forum happened to contain everything I ever worked on, and several things I would never even touch with a ten-foot pole. It was all going reasonably well. Until... it was hacked twice in one day, all my posts were deleted (along with my account) and generally a great number of other threads as well. I figured it would be best if I just took it down and began a fresh start on a new forum, which is where I keep all the stuff which I am working on as of right now.

I have no idea what to train. RuneScape PC
Running an eight-member forum. So empty it's... empty.
I am bored out of my mind lately.
Doesn't know what to think about school starting soon
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