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Jun 29, 14 12:32am I love this song so much. It makes me sad when I listen to it, but its a good song. Quite emotional.
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Jan 04, 14 3:13am

What if I was in the hospital
You wouldn't know if
It just stopped

Like if you'd care if I logged off for the last time.
Comment a ♥ if you'd miss me.
Repost if you're brave.
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Dec 21, 13 1:40pm

Dear Santa, I don't want much for Christmas. I just want the person reading this to be ma frnd forever... Send this to the people you don't wanna lose! Whoever stops this will be unhappy for the first 3 months of ............2014. Tell 20 people you love them, I hope I am one of them... Note from me : If you recieved this that mean i love you as a frnd no matter what♥ Thanks for being here with me this 2013!♥
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Dec 17, 13 11:30am

We're driving on the highway,
On our way home,
When I spot I homeless man,
Cold and alone.

We come to a red light,
And stop for a while,
The man sees me looking,
He flashes a smile.

This man is insane,
I can see it in his eyes,
He pulls out a gun,
And that's when I realise

What he's about to do,
He's got his mind set on it,
I yell at him to stop,
But he's already done it.

He pulls the trigger,
The gun pointed at his head,
There's a small gun retort,
And a small show of red.

He's taken his life,
When he didn't have to,
He's taken his life,
As many others have, too.

Many young people,
And old ones too,
I want you to know,
Suicide's the wrong thing to do.
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Dec 05, 13 3:10pm

Sorrow fills the tearful eyes
Sorrow covers all the lies
Friends will come and friends will go
But the tears of sorrow will always show

The pain, the sadness, the heartbreak, I know
Just let those tears continue to flow
Some will not understand you're pain
And the words to describe it would only be in vain

Just let your tears flow like rain
For that may help to ease your pain
Let the memories live on and all will see
How dear a friend you were to me