Awesome game with easy controls and good race tracks. I pwn. c:< SonicRiders Xbox
A good game with awesome graphics. Only disadvantage I have is that I find the controls a little difficult when trying to turn corners >.<'' SonicRidersZeroGravity Wii
This game scared the shit out of me sometimes D: I was so happy whe I finally completed it XD! Doom3 PC
I love this game so much. It's such a beautiful game with amazing graphics with a good storyline. I'll never stop playing this game xD Okami PS2
This game is hard .___.;; Am I right? XD ResidentEvilCodeVeronicaX PS2
This personally, for me, is the best Zelda game. The graphics are superb with good challenges and awesome sceneries. TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess GC
Not the best Sonic game from Sega but still worth playing SonicandTheSecretRings Wii
Getting all library scenes now xD Long and Painful ShadowTheHedgehog GC
Awesome game, Nemesis is a pain in the ass but its all worth it when you finally get your rocket launcher 8D ResidentEvil3Nemesis PC
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