Happy Birthday!
Go suck face and party and shit!
HELLO Mr. Magic flaming mythical blue bird buddy! hope i may hold a convo with u sumetime! "today is the greatestm day i've ever known. can't wait for tomorrow, tommorow's much too long" then if we do wait that long, we shall burn our EEEEYYYYYEEEESSSS OUT!

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays man

Hope you have a good Christmas and a good Boxing day.... hopefully!

Well either way man hope you're having some fun up top. Do feel sorry that you do have to manage a couple nutcases though.

Well man don't stress too much, and just have a great 2011 to be honest.
Congradulations an getting the Mod position in the Oblivion Forum, you really deserved it.

I just know that you will be a great mod. Lets just hope all that power doesn't go to your head.

It's a little late, but here's your stamp, man.

You've been epicly stamped by well, me. You should feel special ^^
I figured I should sign it, after all, I've never signed a Guestbook before (That I remember) so you should feel special.

I haven't really done any Guestbook signing lately, so I figured I'd give ya a stamp.

Merry Christmas to you. And a Happy New Year as well I guess. If you must.
Hey dude, it may be a bit early but, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

All the best in 2008 !

Got a new one, so I thought I would stamp you with it.
Okay, since I'm bored, I've decided to go on a mass signing-spree, signing all of my neopal's guestbooks. So, here you go.

I, Jacknife, being of sound mind and good health, do hereby officially sign this guestbook.

Yo mann!
Thought I would drop by and leave my stamp.

Yes, it's cool, I know =P
Well, catcha later!
It's WireFrame's Stamping Rampage! Mama-mia!
hi i dont know u or u dont know me but i just thought id sign your quest book because u live oblvion which is the coolest game ever and im just bored.

skinny man

I didn't stamp yours either... So... Here's me stamping you guestbook.
hey dude hows it going? i just thought i would show you my new stamp so here it is

see ya around

i sighne your guest book now you sighn mine please
hey you're a Vegeta fan right? Well us Vegeta fans gotta stick together ok so here is my stamp
Thanks for helping me out in the oblivion forum i really appreciate it, heres you stamp

hope we can become neo buddies

see you around the db and oblivion forums
You like dragonballZ so therefore must be cool i think...Have you read the mangas? I prefer dragonball to dragonballZ but oh well!

Sorry for getting off on the wrong foot and all that jazz Enjoy your stamp!
Just a quick drop in to say thanks for the signing, here is a stamp to return the favor:

Thanks for your super special sexy awesome guestbook signing!

Heres my stamp:

See you round the forums!

P.S PM me if you want to be neofriends!
Hey noticed you posted in the oblivion forum and thought i'd sign ur guestbook and say hi since i'll prolly hang out in there for a while

see u around
Your signature said sign your guestbook... so I did

May the farce be with you. *winces at own bad joke*