All i want is Beldum for my Pokemon Y :(
Alpha Sapphire, please come out already D:

Would you like to see your character providing a voice response during conversations with NPC's similar to games like Mas

Making skills legendary for the first time or anytime after that is always a double edged sword of me, like sure having those

What are peoples thoughts on this whole new expansion, it's a throwback to burning crusade and more of the old history of

Pre-ordered titanfall, cannot wait for giant robot fighting :D

With the upcoming release of TESO, one might think that the future of standard TES games might be at risk, i mean it's po

*Starts Animal Crossing* *Looks confused for the next hour*
If i could turn back that clock..
Day 3 on Pokemon Y, BP encounters the scary 70's disco Team Flare, and gets a dinosaur fossil thing,
I would train my pokemon, but Aurigae wont let me. :(
dissapointed with pokemon Y, its not just me right?
Got my 3DS up and going, someone be my friend :( 4699-7090-0176
Rising from the Ashes

So yeah recently i acquired Skyrim for the PS3, and it runs okay, not great, it seems that the game tends to lag up and slow

Now i know this feature has been around for awhile, but i've not really starting using it till recently, and still i only

Final Fantasy XIII your thing? If so come join the discussion!

With development on Skyrim all gone and shut down, so no more official DLC what would you guys have liked to have seen them p

If your awesome and hyped for Ryse, as much as us, come join us!

Browsing through my steam and looking at my friends wishlists and the like, got me thinking what you recommend to others on S

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