Aug 24, 14 3:57pm
All i want is Beldum for my Pokemon Y :(
Jul 14, 14 2:25pm
Alpha Sapphire, please come out already D:
BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Mar 10, 14 4:36pm

Would you like to see your character providing a voice response during conversations with NPC's similar to games like Mas

BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Mar 4, 14 8:44am

Making skills legendary for the first time or anytime after that is always a double edged sword of me, like sure having those

BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Feb 25, 14 1:42pm

What are peoples thoughts on this whole new expansion, it's a throwback to burning crusade and more of the old history of

Feb 18, 14 2:08pm
Pre-ordered titanfall, cannot wait for giant robot fighting :D
BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Feb 4, 14 8:46am

With the upcoming release of TESO, one might think that the future of standard TES games might be at risk, i mean it's po

Jan 24, 14 2:44am
*Starts Animal Crossing* *Looks confused for the next hour*
Jan 23, 14 2:20am
If i could turn back that clock..
Jan 11, 14 2:31pm
Day 3 on Pokemon Y, BP encounters the scary 70's disco Team Flare, and gets a dinosaur fossil thing,
Jan 10, 14 6:19pm
I would train my pokemon, but Aurigae wont let me. :(
Jan 10, 14 12:38am
dissapointed with pokemon Y, its not just me right?
Jan 7, 14 6:18am
Got my 3DS up and going, someone be my friend :( 4699-7090-0176
Dec 12, 13 7:52pm
Rising from the Ashes
BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Dec 2, 13 4:25pm

So yeah recently i acquired Skyrim for the PS3, and it runs okay, not great, it seems that the game tends to lag up and slow

BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Nov 27, 13 7:09pm

Now i know this feature has been around for awhile, but i've not really starting using it till recently, and still i only

Nov 8, 13 5:42pm
Final Fantasy XIII your thing? If so come join the discussion!
BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Oct 27, 13 12:42pm

With development on Skyrim all gone and shut down, so no more official DLC what would you guys have liked to have seen them p

Oct 25, 13 8:00pm
If your awesome and hyped for Ryse, as much as us, come join us!
BluePhoenix shared a forum thread
Oct 8, 13 5:16pm

Browsing through my steam and looking at my friends wishlists and the like, got me thinking what you recommend to others on S

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