This is all I used to scream when I RP'd Sonic with my cousin. read more

quote BlueMew101
The illuminati are real
I think, they found us, I will talk to them and stop them... read more

Great job redoing your gallery with lovely cute drawings
(did you draw them? :3) read more

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riprip (rest in peace really important person) read more

OhMiGawd wut? I doubt I'd study for more than three. That's pretty amazing I've got to say. Well... read more

If you actually have Japanese class then you are the luckiest person in the world, having a class... read more

I took the first year twice. Both times got a D-. It was a fun class though! XD read more

Japanese is my favorite class. It's really easy. xD read more

I will know to come to you if I ever need to translate a word or two read more

Hope you had fun, have a great flight back home! read more

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That's because nobody loves you.
You are SUCH a nice girl, you know that? read more

Mine too, I really liked Twilight Princess! =D read more

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......mega Latias and Latios look like the exact same thing as each other.
Yeah... read more

That sounds so cool!
Do you have pictures to show us from the event? =3 (I am so intrigued :3) read more

Awesome, you have to tell us about it later. read more

That's great, I wish I could've been there... but I couldn't.... *sadness inside*

Have a great... read more

Oh, Murderer, stop trying to bring people to there death, try to bring joy to life, it is much more fun! read more

A little?

Oh right you went to NYCC how's that been? read more

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Ew...what's this thing called a "life"...?
Yes, join me, death is way better. <3 read more