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Happy blatted anniversary, when are we going to have the blatted party?
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Happy delayed Neoversary, Blue!
Thanks! :-D

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I still remember the...
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likes overthetop2's status update: "I want to believe in humanity, but all too often I have moments where it feels like I'm surrounded by IDIOTS."
Well it just occurred to me that as of February 9th I've been here for two years.

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Blue, I have something to tell you

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Take Ritalin. Ritalin solves everything.


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L o a d i n g . . .
Just got Prototype 2 and Theif for free off of PSN. Not bad. Not bad at all.
The underpants gnomes are here! Gah!
Well, the game's over. To be honest I teared up at that final play by Seattle. It was ridiculous to even think they could pull that off.
Super Bowl this Sunday! It's great to see my state's team in the super bowl! Hope you guys kick patriot ass!

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likes dilute's status update: "Jesus *bleep*, Pokémon wished me Happy Birthday?! Best surprise ever :')"
likes Vast's status update: "Scored a 97.5% on my English final, 100% on Japanese, and 96% on Chemistry. :D"
likes Game Over's status update: "Well, it just seems that I only have a fever and to get an X-Ray and some blood taken. But everything looks fine and thanks for the concern!"

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