It seems to me that pokemaniac_Y and me are secretly twins.
likes MidnightXS's status update: "Getting a baby Guinea Pig on Saturday :D"
likes canderson's status update: "Going to aim for 1,000 3DS Streetpasses at NY Comic Con this year. I think it's possible. :)"
The new Super Smash bros demo is amazing! Can't stop playing it. X3
I wish NYCC would hurry up and come. ;~; The wait is killing me...

It's a pretty heated summer in the US. Here in Washington it's about 80-90 degrees. Even though... read more

likes Gotenks' status update: "Having an absolute blast with the Super Smash Bros. Demo. Can't wait for the games release!"
likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "Look at my *bleep*in' Mareep! Look at it!"

quote Murderer
Whose heart do you want?
YoUrS....yOu LoOk TaStY... read more

Me, being a cannibal zombie, much rather prefers hearts over brains. read more

likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "Notch is leaving Mojang as it gets bought by Microsoft. :'("
likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "So I recently learned that they made figures of Pit and Dark Pit. Golly do I wish I had the money for those! :o"
likes Rayce's status update: "That first day of college hype :3"

*comes back as a cannibal zombie*
.........HEHEHEHEHEEEE.... read more

likes Roxas' status update: "Seven years of Neoseeker!"
likes Zeezow's status update: "is going to college... yay? D:"

Let me take a moment to reply to all these.

Alroy: Google....wut? ....I think I've just been... read more

I wish I could get the SSB DS. ;_; But according to ny mom its absurd to have three DSes. ;-; read more

Welp, turns out I need glasses. I'll look like an official nerd now.
likes alroy214's status update: "I got my Finals test scores back, they are not bad at all :3"