It seems like a lot of people are getting it lately. Both my dad and my teacher got it. :/ I hope you get better soon. read more

likes dilute's status update: "Jesus *bleep*, Pokémon wished me Happy Birthday?! Best surprise ever :')"
likes Vast's status update: "Scored a 97.5% on my English final, 100% on Japanese, and 96% on Chemistry. :D"
likes Game Over's status update: "Well, it just seems that I only have a fever and to get an X-Ray and some blood taken. But everything looks fine and thanks for the concern!"

I like making people dizzy. :3 read more

changed her avatar to avatar
changed her custom title to "Hikikomori Life"
Seahawks vs. Patriots in the 49th annual Super Bowl
likes Game Over's status update: "SEAHAWKS WIN!!! We're off to the Super Bowl!"
Just bought Welcome to the NHK for 32$ :D
likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "Majora's Mask New 3DS! MUST. HAVE."

quote Game Over
quote BlueMew101
If you have the attention span for it, it's pretty easy. You can do...
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likes Aurigae's status update: "Thanks for making my moderating time rewarding and memorable, Neoseekers. :)"
I wish school was more of a challenge.

If you have the attention span for it, it's pretty easy. You can do it. read more

likes Game Over's status update: "Hmm, I should learn Japanese..."
I'm leaving for a while, won't really be talking or anything, just on RP's and things that need me. Seeya.
I'm finally allowed to start watching Breaking Bad. I f***in love it.

I'm still rotting away in 8th grade to be honest.

I don't get how you people survive. read more

Your school blocked neo? Psh. Fgts. School is lame. My school hasn't even blocked the pr0nz yet. read more

Jesse seems to be pretty pro with Sonic the Hedgehog.