likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "Why the heck is it so hard to find the new Amiibo only a day after release?!"
Mello > Near

Wow. This is just a big *bleep* you for Xbox360 and PS3 gamers.

Edit: I won't be satisfied unless... read more

Cause the image wouldn't get bigger. The reason its a cat girl is because I'm officially a cat... read more

It's a little cat girl making a snowball. read more

Fixed my profile. Now I'm festive.
changed her avatar to avatar
likes SR THE HEDGEHOG's status update: "srry i've been kinda inactive i've been playing mega man anniversary collection on gamecube because my brother gave it to me =^w^="

SR THE HEDGEHOG It hands over crappy apps, loads slow, is expensive, always crashes, and has a horrid battery. read more

likes canderson's status update: "Christmas season is too damn expensive. Shopping is finally done at least."
Windows Phone hates me.
likes PokeManiacY's status update: "Snow! It's snowing on the PokeForums!"
Well, my blue 3DS has broken. Damn. Gonna save up to repair it. At least I still have my black one.

Playstation customer service for the win. ;> read more

likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "Ooh, random 10 bucks from PSN. Nice."
likes bluexy's status update: "Unbelievably thankful to be a part of this community, to know many of you, and to be able to share my love of da video games. <3"
likes PokeManiacY's status update: "I was Avatar-less for 3 whole mins. :"

Lucky. ;_; I've figured out that I'm not gonna be capable of getting it. read more

likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "I got an Eon Ticket through Streetpass! So happy! :D"