O Hai Bloo.

You're very insecure, you feel the need to display your post count.

If you do not sign back, I will steal your cookies.
Your a *bleep*ing dushebag XD i hate you blue im gonna kill you and steal your pixels
but first lets have a beer kay? stop making so much money noob
Hey there! I saw your progress thread, You're doing great! I'd love to play you sometime!
I'm Hami Grl.

See ya!
Stop merchanting, its bad for your health !!



Well finally getting round to signing everyones guestbooks.

Thanks for the signing in mine
Hope your not like, Gay or something :$

i likely signed it before but am signing again so woohoo!!!!

love me and i shall hate you in return

Hey! I've seen you around, and I want to be Neofriends. Please stamp back and add me to your Neofriends list. Much appreciated!

By the way I don't think you deserved a 2-MONTH ban...

Sign back, Or I will eat your socks. Voluntarily. Daddy would be sooo proud ...

If you don't know who I am, I'm Redalert501's older brother, who is new to the RuneScape forum. I don't know you very well, but I'm trying to get to know people better. I'm level 88, and my stats are here

Enjoy WW1's Fruity Goodness,
Hey Blue. I know i have been kind of a "Neo-Noob" in the past few months that i have been here but my resolution is to change that for '07. Happy holidays and good luck in 07!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

See you around and enjoy 2007

Jack \m/
On a Gb signing spree. Got a classic picture, and it just made me think of some members on here.
Merry Chrimbo

Anyhow, just remember, do not eat Yellow Snow.

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England in 50 minutes!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Anyway, don’t forget to sign back!

Here we go have a good Christmas and new year!

Have a good one

Merry Xmas
Hey Blue. Congratz on coming back to rs. I just made a holiday stamp so I'm on a stamping spree....STAMP!

Wishing you a good holiday,
Hey Blue. Gald your back on runescape. You get stuff pretty damn fast. Hope to see you on runescape some more. Oh yeah, sorry if it is to big. Anyway,
Hi Dylan! Just to let you know, the feeling is mutual. Every day when I log into Neoseeker I check my neofriends list to see if you're online or not. In addition I check my MSN list to see if any of your accounts are currently signed in. If so, I talk to you, and that just makes any negative experiences from the day go away. I'm not the only one who feels this way, either. <33
Help us!!! Martians are attacking!!! *TV Announcement* “Remember folks, the only way to control the Martians is to give Redalert501 an abyssal whip or other disturbing weapon once every 24 hours! That is all.”

See you around the RuneScape forum noob. Remember to sign back, OR MARTIANS WILL ATTACK!!! MUAHAHA!!! (Visiting my website wouldn’t hurt either)

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Just BreeziN' and StampiN'.

hi, I've seen you post A LOT and I always enjoy reading your posts, they're really funny. Well, I hope you stay on neo!

you stamped me. so im stamping you

PMFG U CLLED ME N00B, I H8 U!!!1112. Only joking. I'm just randomly signing. And you are the lucky 4723926th person to be signed.
Here, as a free gift, have a picture of Legato Bluesummers from TrigunMaximum!

blu sumer plz come back to rune and the neoforums!!

Ehh enjoy your time of the computer.. but i know.. one day you will be back.

Cya Soon.

Never really knew you but read most of your post and I just wanna say farewell.

~~In memory of BL00 SUMMER~~