Hey there!

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day


.:Matt Addison:.
You haFf been stamped by the ulmighty sTuYy. [= [=

Laterzz. <3
Remember the last time I signed your guestbook? You're hotter than this stuff:

Are you going to blush again?

So sorry the signback is so late; Deis is a very busy person. Without her, my life would mean nothing, for I am absolutely worthless. She's so generous that she's allowing me to use her name in public, which is something that I otherwise wouldn't dream of doing.

She's the most beautiful woman in the world, and being her slave is a privilege, rather than a burden.

From the slave, verdantabyss.

Hey, I thought and I'd say Merry Christmas to you, my good friend!

And Happy New Year!

Hope you're all enjoyed this special holiday and have fun with your beloved families and friends!

With much love,

Hey sis!
Long time no talkin' to ya!
What's up? Did you have fun with your friends and familes lately?
I hope so!
Here's the stamp for ya!

Peace out!

Love always,
Memory of Eileen
OMG, I KNEW SOMETHING WEIRD WAS GONNA HAPPEN, SO I CHECKED YOUR PROFILE!! Gah... >__< I know I haven't PMed you much or anything else that NeoFriends were supposed to do, but... I'm too late, aren't I? *feels a gap somewhere (seriously)* Well, I really hope there is a way to find a path back no Neoseeker.com, just like I did. But just in case, I wish you best of luck in the future!! Visit once in a while, okay? *doesn't understand the word "permanent"* *doesn't care if you haven't read this until a year or something*

Ah, I'm also listening to some Taiwanese songs! Yes, I'm aware they speak Chinese, too!

*cries* Hope to see you again,
I see that you signed my GB and I didn't get around to yours yet. And since I haven't put up one of my better stamps I recently made I thought I'd give this to you.

Welp. Its been sweet for the time I knew ya. You were helpful. and always kind. I'l be missin ya a lot. c ya

Oh yeah and u taught me how to do that too. Welp. its been cool. c ya
Aaaaawwwwwww, do you really have to go?

I'll Miss you laods you know, and I'm sure everyone else will to...now, to say something extremly corny:

"You Make Grey Days Sunny" eerrmm.... "Without You, Nothing Is Fun" erm....well...."You Make Life Worth Living"

I'll be missing yew

Pwetty Pweese, don't go Kumi
Well, since your PM storage box is full, I'll just say it here I dunno if you left already or not, though, but I don't care.

I really don't want you to leave, as you've been very kind and helpful, but I can't change that. I hope you have a great summer and a good trip to China.

Damn bitch ur bio long!No ones going to read that!Any way jest bored and decide to sine.I dont have a stampe yet thow so this well jest do!cya sine me back!!!! your so lucky to have this!XD
Hey,i'm just on a signign spree and decided to stop by...hope we can be neofriends!!!Bye!!
(credit goes to megatron)
lol. You're really good at these picture puzzles. But now I have posted one that nobody can solve right away!

Blue Star found 5 faces in this. Can you?
Damn that was fast. I guess I'll have to place some harder puzzles.

I dont think I have any, though. ^^

Blue Star found the hidden image in this picture. Can you?
You got my Guest Book puzzle right!

Blue Star found 9 faces hidden in this picture. Can you?

Come back again. A new puzzle has been placed.
thank you for signing my GB, i dont know what anime that is though in your banner thing

i have to go now, but im not forgotten!

I thought I'd sign. So, just signin' =]

Hey Sis! How have you been? I hope you'd enjoys the summer vacation!! Peace out and have fun! I'm sorry I couldn't able to be online in msn...but I'll try later!

Pwned! Now, you've been my slave!!! >:3
Signing back is mosenmori!

Happy Posting!

The wonderful, creative, happy, loving, cute, and over-all great guy

Sorry it took me so long to sign back.

you signed my G-book so long ago, I finally got my lazy butt moving to make my stamp rounds. Enjoy my latest stamp!

Yeah! Summer Vacation's here! Woohoo! No more school! No more school!

Thank you for signing my guestbook! I'm repaying the favor. Yes, I'm Mandarin Chinese. No, I can't spell out Chinese >_< I can write a bit, though. I have a cousin named Chen Xi and another nicknamed Qian Qian I love them both soo much! See ya!

P.S.- How do you write "Good-bye" from Chinese? I can only say them, not write them out (as in words, not kanji) >_< Nice to meet a fellow Chinese person. There's only four at my school -_- One's Cantonese (and my crush *_*).

P.S.S.-How did you write Chinese on your profile? That seems pretty cool.

Had to say it... well, here's a new stamp for you!