I'll be leaving neo (semi)permannently within a few days. My concentration in surviving grade 12, consisting of 7 heavy university leveled courses as well as a bunch of school commitments, and of course piano practises, allows me just enough time to satisfy my conscience within each 24 hours of the day. I'll occasionally have enough time for a bit of MSN surfing, so I'll talk to you guys there ^_^

I'd like to take this time to say my thanks for all the friends I made here on neoseeker and how great you guys have been. I might have been a cold hearted, mean, or a bitchy girl once in a while so I hope you guys can forgive me ^^';

good friends I have made:

Anonymous RPG Fan *y-fan/anon-chan
black_wing79 *mike
Broken Alleluia *becca
Chain Chomp *bryan
Chaos Seraph *asaph
Chobi/Aya chan *angie
Dead Ed *ed
earlimoon *R
fireemblem24 *meg
Memory of Eileen *V (omgawsh sorry forgot to put u on lol ^^)
MickeyBlueEyes93 *mic
gaiablade64 *stevo
GuardianGriffen *kevo
Re_Vak *chris
supreme kai *kyle
Winged Dragon of Ra/AtoChansu *jason
WiseLugia *elliot

@ I seem to have deleted my neofriends list at one time, so sorry if you're not on there if you should ^^

Bye for now, you guys rOck ^^
luv from

July 2nd, 2006


- ♥♥ C ♥♥
- piano
- listening to C/J/K-pop
- poetry, writing
- reading
- drawing
- digital arts
- thinking, dreaming

C, *You have taken my heart with your smile*
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