u think u kno blue neo?

u think u know?

u have NO idea...

october 1, 2002... 9:48pm pst...

[i]this is the diary of...[/i] [b]blue neo[/b]

most people who know me think im one of two thinks... a gansta... or a heckka nice guy...

[i]"i've balanced my yin and yang..."[/i]
the yin and yang... philosphy that in every evil, there is good... and vice versa... i have found my balance...

i grew up in the streets of south kali (CA). moved to a schoo wherez there was hella gangs n shit all over tha place. u eitha had a crew protecting yo back or u best get yo ass home hells quick-like.

first day, mah ass is challenged... i refuse but dumb fock wont listen. cornerd, blue neo will battle if blue neo must...

gaind respect but not the tru type... mostly fear... blue neo ~ jaw busta... hated it, but it was something for me to work on.

[i]"i hate chaos..."[/i]
instead of war, i made peace... i bcom hells good friends wit all sides. i made strong allies with all. had to... to stop chaos

[i]"i kno mo than i let on..."[/i]
my front, im neutral: friends wit all, keep tha peace, enforcer. under tha surface, i kno sometimes war must b waged to get things done. i admit, i had to do a few thangs i shouldnt have... used mah brain, used mah allies. tricks were done.

[i]"it starts with one..."[/i]
first it was just one... two... three... next i kno, whole clan is bigger... crews joined othas closest to them n get united... peace happens bcos all groups big enough to hurt otha group bad... no one wanted to break uneasy 4-way truce i made.

[i]"then all hell broke lose..."[/i]
tha end is a [i]blur[/i]... uneasy alliance i set to make wasnt what i wanted. peace was there but so was hate. couldnt stop battles. couldnt hold truce. chaos returnd. old allies, new enemy, both one and tha same. got framed. my ass arrested. had ta go judge. ass loc'd in jail. 2 month pass. the day waz ova.

[i]"a new day..."[/i]
frosh til junior year, blue neo hells stupid... blue neo moved.

I am Blue Neo...

[i]i[/i] have come full circle. passed through the dark side of the yin and yang cycle. now entering the light side. usin my mind for myself, i have need to return to old ways : new city all hells peace. just as i wanted to achieve. now i have second chance, i aint gon fock it up...

u had no clu...


i am the neoseeker known as [b][i]blue neo[/b][/i]...

im blue neo, im a laid-back type-a guy that let wateva happens happens... but i do gets all pissd like hell n i aint gon backdown when i get denied of somethin i kno i deserved...

~ lyfe ~

i enjoi tha many thangs in lyfe...

but u can describe most of them wit this... [u]JAPAN_5![/u]

i love many thangs japanese... anime, video games, the (*sadly*) discontinued nissan skyline GtR -R34... n many mo...

but there mo to the blue neo than that...

i love music... like DJ Mystik said, " is my life..." music reflects lyfe n it helps me remember alla tha good tymes n alla tha bad times i lived tru. i like rave, hip-hop, and rap...

i get a euphoric feelin wen i'm listenin to trance or hardcore rave music. also, its perfect street racing music.

i like mainstream hip-hop n rap but i also feelin a little known asian underground rap movement... i highly recomend Kast One - "9/11 Tragedy", Khmer Kid "Smoke Weed", and Infinite Limit - "Asian Love" (IL is a group). check em out, most of their tracks sounds hekka professional, dont soundin like somethang recorded at their mommas house ( even tho thats where they recorded their trackz, in they houses)...


"heaven's punisher... i've finally found you..."
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Mar 28, 2003

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