Wowowow. (Interpret that sound however you'd

Would just like to take this time to say I'm back and I'll be putting up the NA LCS weekly threads and livestreams on So it turns out that

IMG OF NA LCS _The Streams_ Twitch Twitch popout player LoLeSports Azubu Will Reginald hold his ground this week when he subs in for Bjergsen, or will Hai take the wi How will XDG fair in this week with the rapid roster swaps of Bloodwater and Nickwu? _Th

Hey everyone. As many of you have noticed, League of Legends is down to one moderator at the moment. With the increase in act So much better. :) _The Streams_ Twitch Twitch popout player LoLeSports Azubu https:/

After 3-ish years of playing, I now proudly own every Jax skin. :D * PAX Jax - March, 2011 * Jaximus - May, 2011 * Nemes

Some of you may have noticed that @Shadowcrystallux is no longer on the moderator team for League of Legends. Thankfully we w _The Streams_ Twitch Twitch popout player LoLeSports Azubu https://

_ _The Streams_ Twitch Twitch popout player LoLeSports Azubu

A few weeks prior to LCS kicking off CLG's former support, Chauster, made his predictions for LCS. Now that we have a wee

So the current Korean lineup of teams has been experiencing roster swaps left and right. While So Chauster did a run through of the current LCS teams f

This is it. This is the game that matters. Winner takes home bragging rights! Who do you think will win? I'm predictin

Patch 3.15 Notes 12/12/2013 Fiddlesticks' Fear and Rammus' Taunt dur

_Size_: 575x150 (I believe is the new Neoseeker limit) _Description_: It would be really awesome if I could have the signa

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