How do you describe yourself if not by your interests? Let me see. Being 30, I am in school for Massage Therapy with the goal being National Certification. I have been a nurse's aid, a para-transit driver and an extra at the Pa. Renaissance Faire. I enjoy collecting weapons and armor of the old world. To date this includes several varieties of swords and edged weapons, a crossbow, several whips, flails, maces, knives and daggers. My preferred weapon being my Falchion. In video games I find some escape from this worlds seriousness and strive for perfection.

My wife (Nagaina_Ryuuoh) is published with White Wolf gaming for both fiction and source material, and we expect our first child on May 1st, 2004.

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Role-playing, reading, AIM chat, video and collectors card (Yu-Gi-Oh!) games, ghost and spirit photography, leathercraft, making chainmail. And My Wife and Child.


"Seek not the men of old. Seek ye what they sought."

"Cold, calculating and quite sinister. That's the Bloodsin we know and....hmm....well, know." Copyright Infernal
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Review: Final Fantasy Tactics - Can you win the Lion War?

Sep 6, 2001

What to say beyond what I already have? I simple cannot think of a game that is more well rounded to fit some many different gamers on so many levels. If you play for storyline, you will be delerious. If you want good combat without the ole...

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