Blood Wolf blogged
Mar 05, 11 6:06pm

    Oh hai. What is this? I'm doing something other than being an ass to somebody? Hell must be freezing over! Nah, just kiddin'. In case you don't know, I'm Blood Wolf and this is my attempt to get on Neo's social end with my first blog post.

    Alright, a little bit of info about me first; I usually roam the Pokemon Forums. I can make a rare appearance in some Monster Hunter forums too but that's where I'm usually at. Some of you people may view me as an ass, however, I'm not usually like that. I'd call it a self-defense mechanism of sorts but hey, what do I know, right?

    Wait a moment. This a blog. Not a book about the story of my live. Uh, lets get down to what I'm doing now, k? I'm playing White. If I find it interesting enough I might leave an update here and there about my adventure. Maybe I'll make a brief note about my current team at the end of my blog posts? Hah, who knows.

    So yeah. After 2k+ of posts I finally decided to jump onto the bandwagon. Sue me. :P
    Hope I can meet a bunch of cool people here.

    Oh, right, the team note! As of this blog post my team consists of:

    Flubber, Lv27 (Solosis, Female)
    Lupus, Lv 27 (Herdier, Male)
    Faisau, Lv 27 (Traquill, Male)
    Smaruma, Lv 27 (Darumaka, Male)
    Snaper, Lv 26 (Servine, Female)

    Trying to go through the 4th Gym but Flubber fell victim to an unsuspecting Pursuit from a Blitze. Back to the Center, I guess...

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