(which means I dont feel like doing it right now so Im procrastinating so that I can do it later! xD )

But I just gotta say that I love getting PM's so don't be shy! Add me as your friend too! I don't bite! ;D


Track and Field~I do throwing and discus and in my first year on JV I almost made districts in both!! (I missed by inches literally!)

Cross-Country~ I am really good at this and I love it! On my first ever meet I was in the bathroom and the race already started. I literally ran from the bathroom as fast as I could and out of about 200 people I was the 55th person across the finish line! True story, my parents never let me live it down. -_- (Keep in mind that Im 6 feet tall and I have REALLY long legs if ur thinking that im lying or that i have supernatural powers or something!)

Harvest Moon~ I own HM:1, HM:64, HM:MFoMT,HM:ANL&ANWL,HM:DSCute,and HM:IoH

Animal Crossing~ I own all the games made

Mario series: @_@ (So much I cant even count!)

SEGA: @_@

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