Hi! Welcome to my Neohome. It Doesnt Look To good right now. ------------------------------------------------------ About Me: I live in Australia, and have lived here all my life. Im a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, and also Final Fantasy. Sure, I don't have a life. Actually, I do. I go outside and run around, ride a bike, go to the park. but, im not too good with sports. Id rather stick to the games. Im a christan, And So, I wouldnt be so happy if it wasn't for God. My Dream is to work at Square Enix, Or whatever it will be in the future. The first gaming console I ever owned was the Nintendo 64. I woke up one morning, and mum and dad showed me and my brother this console. My Dad liked to play Mario Kart with me and my brother. That was in SA. now We Live in QLD. The First year in queensland, we swapped our N64 for a PS2, and Found that these games where much more challenging. Shortly After, We bought a 25 dollar N64, and Enjoyed Revisiting the games. Then, We got a GBA, followed by A DS, and All the time, we have had a Computer. Hopefully this christmas im going to get a PS3. ______________________________________________________ What I Like In A Game: A Game that is good with me, would be a Game where you have powers, to do whatever you want. You are the dominance, and all these people want to hurt you. Im not too fond of Arcade or First Person Shooters, But Halo is awesome. _______________________________________________________ So Now you now a bit about me. Hope to see you round the forums.