KK_Slider BlindSight
Jul 1, 09 7:31am
You know where you come from or are?Florence?Yeah thats my name!Sorry I know its just out of the blue. You dont even know me! Haha sorry i'ts just that I saw you online and where you were from and.... Yeah
Tengu BlindSight
Oct 23, 05 6:53pm
thanks for signing it so i'll sign your book to,
Admaster3000 BlindSight
Oct 18, 05 9:17pm
I have not got round to making a stamp yet. But as you stamped my guestbook. I guess I will leave u few words in your guestbook. See Ya Around
The Shape BlindSight
Oct 15, 05 8:28pm
I haven't signed this yet, so I thought I would. I don't have a stamp but most of them (see below) aren't exactly good to look at. See you around.
inazuma BlindSight
Sep 17, 05 3:09pm

Signed By the Master Ninja, Always keen to help just PM me....
Nickle_Back BlindSight
Jul 2, 05 6:48pm
Sorry Jes,but thats just wrong.And not to mention *bleep*ed up.
jespomo BlindSight
Mar 27, 05 10:57pm
Hey there BlindSight

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
BadassNinja BlindSight
Dec 30, 04 2:47pm
Sup man. Thanks for signing the ol' g-book, and cool stamp btw. Man we need to play some Halo 2 matches together, I think I've only played with you like one time. Well, hope you had a very merry christmas, and have a happy new year. Later.

Ffantasy_gamer BlindSight
Oct 16, 04 7:20pm

now sign mine or else guestbook
noob N master BlindSight
Sep 23, 04 2:49am
Of course,
My name is an oxymoron as well.

I went to the beach because I was really really pale
And I went skinny-dipping with my friend the great white whale
I stayed out too long and oh, I got so sick
And then I got a sunburn on my moby dick

Tres BlindSight
Aug 4, 04 9:41pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high