Screw the damn Battle Factory.
Apparently I can jump 3.33 meters. Who knew?
Currently fighting the Frontier.
Playing Paper Mario again.

Ok, So me and my brother both used Captain Falcon for the lulz.

Anyway, At the SAME time we used his Fair and instead of it canceling out the moves, We where sent flying off the stage and we where both K.O'ed.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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3-Stocked M2K and Ally at the same time with Falco.

My Great Uncle Just Died This Morning.

He Was A Great Guy.

I Miss Him Dearly.

I Wish I Could See Him One Last Time.

I Did Not See Him Much But Nonetheless I Still Loved Him.

Rest In Peace, My Great Uncle.


Ok, So I Wanted To Try Out King Dedede And My Brother Wanted To Try Out Snake.

When The Battle Started, The First Thing Snake Did Was Use His Downsmash.

Of Course, I Did Not Want To Receive Damage From The Bomb So I Tried To Use

My Neutral Special To Blow Up The Bomb.

It Did Blow Up The Bomb, However It Had A Different Animation And Until I

Stopped Doing My Neutral Special It Would Not Stop The Animation.

Anyone Know About This Glitch?

Is Playing StarFox64
Is Playing StarFox64

No Yes

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