LinKing12 Blaze
Apr 4, 09 5:39am
Hey, Blaze. I'm liking the sig you made me. I really appreciate your indulgence with me on the SSBB GD with Beyonce and all. Some people just don't know good music. Anyway, once I get WiFi, I will definitely have to play you, and see if your kindness matches your skill. Holla!

Mad Keith Blaze
Mar 24, 09 11:22pm
What up Blaze thanx for the Baner and avy remember I'm your Dark Brother and your my Dark sister don't forget that u may not be in BoD but your still are sister no matter what thanx again your friend

Teddy1557 Blaze
Feb 22, 09 1:56am
Thank you for all your cheats they have been a great help while Ive been playing sonic unleshed making new freinds compleating loads more levels than I used to be doing thanks a lot

Artsy Blaze
Feb 15, 09 3:03am
Thank you for all of the entertaining brawls we've had. I also like your attitude, and how you don't make johns if you lose. (Like some people who I know.) You're a good sport, and overall just cool. I like your style. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

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Keep your cool.
Re-signing for your current account.
Prime Blaze
Feb 6, 09 1:08am
A truely worthwhile player on Brawl, and a kind soul to have on your friends list, guys and gals Blaze here, makes you feel a winner even if you lose... That Polite.
NFS_Street_King Blaze
Feb 2, 09 4:08am
Hey chelsea, thanks for signing mine.

Hope to become a good friend.

~ Darryl ~
JesseTheKing Blaze
Jan 27, 09 1:56am
i was bored so i felt like signing ur guestbook XD well let me no when u ever wanna get ur but kicked at brawl err i mean brawl and i'll see if u can take my link XD lollol j/k j/k just keep training that pit
Negi Kun Blaze
Jan 25, 09 4:35am
Yeah we did, and we were great. I'll be sure to pm you if I need a partner for 2v2s. Till next time. My message was too short so this is a filler. I really suck at small talk.

~Negi Kun
Mercury Blaze
Jan 22, 09 9:40am
Yeah I'm signing back stamp or no stamp 8D

First off thanks for signing my guestbook, and for helping me out in brawl, and being nice and... well you get the picture XD

Your pretty good at brawl yourself, but you need to string more attacks together without doing that you'll never be able to progress to the next level

Anyways seya around
PichuRocks Blaze
Jan 12, 09 7:19am
Just dropping by to sign your guestbook before you sign mine

Be sure to resign mine and my new account's too.

See ya round dude girl.